Uh Oh – The Floating Cube is Back


As you may remember, a few weeks ago we reported that a floating cube had appeared and taken up residence just outside of town. Although this spectacle was greeted with both fear, awe, and in some cases obsession, the cube quickly departed after hours of being stared at and ogled by almost everyone in town. For weeks, no one has seen this floating cube or been able to decipher it’s whereabouts from the haunting glyphs it left along the trees as it disappeared into the woods. That is, until now. We just received a report that the floating cube is indeed back in town and this time, it appears to be moving directly toward the center of our fair burg.


Whenever something like this happens, it can be difficult to not immediately launch into panic mode. Personally, all I want to do is run for the hills without looking back, but deep down I know how fruitless that would be. Already this cube has demonstrated that it is indifferent to us and far more powerful than we can understand. Our only choice now is to see what it does and react as best we can, with dignity and candor.


Oh god, we just received another update as I write this that the cube has made it’s way straight through an elementary school, destroying an entire classroom that stood in it’s way. Miraculously, none of the children in the cube’s path were harmed, but the damage done to the building itself will take weeks to repair. It appears now that the cube is headed straight for city hall and clearly shows no signs of stopping.


Some of our team has already begun making their way to the center of town in an attempt to catch the cube in the act, but we aren’t sure exactly what they hope to achieve. We’ll be receiving reports from them as the cube draws closer, but all we can hope is that they make it out alive and with a story still left to tell.


Update: It’s evening now and we have all been changed.


According to our reporters on the ground, the cube made it’s way directly into city hall, bypassing the armed military presence that was there to fight it off without so much as a change in pace or direction. The cube then place itself directly upon the Mayor’s Throne and began to sink slowly into it, crushing the ancient chair into a pile of debris. As it lowered, the gravity in the city began to come undone.


Now, the cube remains firmly planted in the center of our city, directly upon the former seat of power, displacing the very air we breathe and the world we once knew. We still have no idea what the cube wants or if the cube wants. All we know is that it has changed us in ways we can’t fully understand.


The only choice now is to either embrace this change or be left behind.


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