Austin Government Says Police Have to Knock First Before Arresting Birth Control Users

(Austin, TX) Last weekend, Austin residents voted on Proposition A, an initiative to decriminalize marijuana at lower levels and ban no-knock warrants. The proposition was passed by a wide margin and was met with celebration by Austin’s progressive base. After the story of Breonna Taylor, more cities are planning to end no-knock warrants, which had previously allowed police officers to enter a home without knocking or announcing their presence. Unfortunately, this exciting win was overshadowed by news on a state and national level as the Supreme Court announced intentions to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Elon Musk, Number #1 Boy

(Austin, TX) If you’ve been keeping up with the news this week, it seems as though all you hear is Elon Elon Elon Twitter Ukraine Climate Change is Almost Unavoidable Elon Tesla Stock Elon. But why is that the case? Why is Elon Musk suddenly the center of attention yet again? Some of you might be thinking that it is due to his attempt to purchase Twitter for close to $43 billion dollars, which is definitely something worth talking about, but you would be wrong. The real reason Musk has taken over the internet is due to a recent award he gave to himself, Number #1 Boy.

Report: Big Vampire Lobbyists are the Reason Why We Still Observe Daylight Savings

(Somewhere in Pennsylvania) Twice, every year, people around the country are subjected to the strange quasi-holiday known as Daylight Savings. In these glorious moments, we come together as a society to turn our clocks backward in the Fall and forward in the Spring, creating a non-zero sum game. Yet, despite its historic roots in farming and capitalism, modern Americans are sick and tired of making the days even shorter in the winter and many have sought to eliminate Daylight Savings entirely. In fact, only 28 percent of the population wants to keep changing the clocks, so why do we continue? Big Vampire lobbyists, that’s why.


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