The Planet That Cried ‘Alien’

For as long as there has been society, there has been a need to believe in something better. Or at the very least, different. In early cave drawings, you can see that there has always been a fascination with the stars and an undoubted belief that something, or more specifically someone, is waiting for us out there. And over the years, the general consensus is that aliens or extraterrestrial life are all but inevitable. So it is not surprising that when presented with the opportunity to believe the unknown and the strange, we don’t hesitate. This is what it is to be human. Unfortunately, it’s also the reason why when aliens actually show up, we likely won’t realize it.

Report: Most Cops Just Some Guy

(Dallas, TX) After years of research and hands on study, a new report has been published on the behavior and actions of police across the nation. Funded by the A California Academy Bakersfield, the study revealed a slew of fascinating insights into the controversial profession. For example, did you know that 65% of police officers have never eaten a grapefruit? We know it sounds bizarre, but according to the surveys done in every state, it remains true. However, by far the most confounding and unexpected find of the research was that most cops are just some guy. Like, a normal, regular dude.

How the Eritas Daily Writing Staff Plans to Spend Their Last Day on Earth

Wow, we did it. Today marks the 1,000th day in a row we have reported on the strange, mysterious, and weird world we live in. Never thinking that we would reach this goal, we wanted to celebrate by doing a couple of things. First, we are going to explore the ways in which our team of writers would like to spend their last day on Earth with the world ending around them. Some will be prophetic, others will definitely come true, and some will make you reflect on the thin line between life and death we all balance on every day. This is the angle we shoot for.