About Us

Eritas Daily was founded on the simple idea that there is no such thing as a bad idea. Holding true to this value, we develop and publish news articles Monday through Saturday every week related to news, politics, sports, and ghoul sightings. We try our best to keep you up to date on the latest happenings and going-ons of your neighborhood, and when we make a mistake or say something against the code of journalism created by supreme leader Voltrex, we try our best to correct them in a timely manner. So if you have the same passion for honest, groundbreaking journalism that we do, sit down with a hot cup of soot and enjoy an op-ed piece about spiders or a report on the latest trends being produced by the Overseers. Most importantly though, believe every word we write. Every. Single. Word.


Eritas Daily Staff and Writing Team:

Creator/Head Writer/Editor/Druid Coordinator: Nathan Ellwood – @NPEllwood

Contributing Writer/Propaganda Specialist/Level 3 Energon Priest: Ben Taylor – @BLewellynTaylor.

Contributing Writer/Keeper of the Moon Key/Slimelord: Kevin Harrington-Bain – @kkevinb

Contributing Writer/Corgi Wrangler/Sea Calmer: Lauren Ward-Reed – @LaurenWardReed

Contributing Writer/Nicolas Cage correspondant/Ghoul tracker – Maggie McAlister – @MadMaggs21

Contributing Writer/Part-time Vigilante/Bone Collector – Caroline Baniewicz – @CarolineBano

Contributing Writer/Marshland Demi-god/Poet Laureate – Holly Ratcliff – @HollytheHare

Contributing Writer/Head of Worm Security/Level 3 Paladin – Veronica Nelson – @_VeronicaNelson

Contributing Writer/Part-time Bean/Full-time Lene – Arlene Ellwood – @ArlenieBeanie



For questions, comments, or submissions, contact us at EritasDaily@Gmail.com