Kamala Harris Vows to be the First Vice President to go Undercover

holding a press conference from her residence the following afternoon to discuss ‘matters of national security.’ As part of the press corp, we knew this could mean literally anything, but we showed up at the appointed time nonetheless. As we milled about, waiting for the presser to begin, we all threw out guesses as to what the Veep would be discussing. Safe to say, looking back now, none of us were even close. Just as we were about to ask them if they thought we would be getting free food later, Vice President Harris took the stage sporting glasses and a mustache. It wasn’t until she spoke that we even realized it was her.

What My Animal Crossing Villagers Got Up to in the Last 10 Months When I Forgot I Owned a Switch

Remember a year ago? I certainly don’t. The last 12 months have all blurred together in my mind and all events seemed to have happened both yesterday and in March of 2020 simultaneously. Apparently it’s called a ‘trauma response,’ who knew. That said, if you happen to have better memory than I do, you might remember the early stage pandemic craze that was Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Released on March 20th, 2020, AC:NH was a life-saver for thousands of people around the world who suddenly found themselves trapped at home. Unfortunately, as time wore on and as things slowly started looking up, a lot of us forgot about our Animal Crossing islands and the villagers we had spent time collecting had to fend for themselves.

Jeff Bezos Renames Blue Origin Rocket ‘Icarus’ Ahead of July Launch

Next month, Jeffrey Preston Bezos alongside a crew made up of trained professionals, a contest winner, and his brother Mark will launch into space in Blue Origin’s first manned launch. Don’t believe us? Read this excerpt from CNN: Jeff Bezos will be flying to space on the first crewed flight of the rocket ship made by his space company, Blue Origin. The flight is scheduled for July 20th, just 15 days after he is set to resign as CEO of Amazon. And while this will solidify his place as King of the Billionaires, many have doubts about this action that will likely only grow after the newest announcement we just received. Apparently, Bezos has decided to rename the rocket from New Shepherd to ‘Icarus’ ahead of the July 20th launch.