Spider Living on Ted Cruz Speaks Out in Exclusive Interview

As many of you know, the fearless staff at Eritas Daily has covered the grittiest truths beneath Ted Cruz’s skin suit for years now. We talked about his surprising support for potential Supreme Court judge Danny Devito, whose famous portrait of degenerate Frank Reynolds inspired Justice Brett Kavanaugh to “just be himself.” We also bravely exposed Cruz’s bunker of beans so our readers could take advantage the next time he’s mid-flight in a State-wide energy crisis. And, we got exclusive access to Cruz and his beloved spiders in a private celebration of his win over Texas pro-skateboarder with favorite uncle energy, Beto O’Rourke.

Austin Area Residents Progressive Until They Aren’t

What makes a city ‘progressive?’ Because for all intents and purposes, you would think that the city of Austin would meet the mark for a progressive city. It’s even often called a ‘Blue oasis in a Red state.’ And yet, this last week, enough people voted to criminalize homelessness under Proposition B that now thousands of our neighbors will be subject to fines and arrest simply for existing in public spaces. Not only is this not a progressive solution, but there is no solution to be found. Instead, Austinites would rather subject those experiencing homelessness to harassment from police, worse conditions, and even the possibility of dying from floods, exposure, violence, or all of the above than just be reminded they exist. So, we’ll ask again, what makes a city progressive?

Learn the Different Words People From Around the World Use to Describe Depression

Are you depressed? Of course you are. Who isn’t! It’s hard not to be these days, what with climate change, capitalism, and COVID-19 doing their best to make us miserable. And yet, there is something about the fact that we are all in this together that makes depression seem doable. Kind of. In this spirit of solidarity, we reached out to depressed friends around the globe to hear their stories, learn their coping methods, and better understand how this thing called ‘depression’ effects us all. Most importantly, we found out what everyone calls their depression, which brought a smile to our faces so fleeting, you might have missed it. We hope we can do the same for you.