Inspiring! This Teacher Passed Away at Work So That Her Ghost Could Continue Teaching

(Chicago, IL) Every once in awhile, there is a story that emerges from the American maw that inspires us to continue working, striving, and fighting for the so-called American dream. This is one of those stories. Let’s start by introducing our inspiration for this piece, the late high school teacher Simone Yenson, who passed away earlier this year. While staying late in class on a Friday to work on papers, Simone was struck by a falling ceiling fan that had been left in disrepair due to budget cuts. Thankfully, that wasn’t the end of Simone’s story, because the following Monday, well after her body had been discovered and hauled away, Simone was still there, ready to teach class. At least, her ghost was.

The Allsup’s at the Edge of the World

When you’re alone out on the All Dark, it can get lonely and seem as if the end of your trip will never come. Even if you know this is to be true, certain glimpses of humanity remind you that you are still in the world of the living. Between desolate, shuttered farms and wind farms blinking red in the night, you pass through villages and townships standing with open arms for whomever finds their way there. The first time you pass through, you think about stopping but decide to keep pushing. The second time you pass through, about an hour later, you definitely don’t want to stop. But then, on that third and final pass, you see the sign in the distance and know what you have to do.

Opinion: Discrimination Has No Place in Our Child Prison System

Hello America. It’s a new day and the sun is shining down on us all, with nothing but clear blue skies on the horizon. My name is Senator Schumer and I am coming to you today in response to recent attacks on our new President, myself, and my constituents over the ongoing crisis at our border and the abysmal conditions of the detention centers where thousands of migrant families are being kept. It is not my job to sugarcoat things, so I will try to be as direct as I can: we are not the bad guys. Remember? We voted them out. We are in the process of helping these poor people, but these things take time. And most importantly, I want to say that beyond the shadow of a doubt, there is no discrimination in our child prison system.