Area Man Forgot How Much He Missed the Dehumanizing Experience of Flying

Ever since I was born, or at least for as long as I can remember, I have sympathized with sheep. I’m not sure what it is about them. Maybe it is their dumb faces as they are sheared. Or maybe it is that they always seem content, no matter where they are. But now that the pandemic is somewhat over and we have been able to travel again, I was able to realize what it is that sheep and I have in common: we love to be corralled. I didn’t realize until me recent international flight how much I missed the dehumanizing experience of flying, but there is just something so sheep-like about it that it might be my favorite thing to do.

Austin-Based HGTV Show Ends with Couple Deciding to Move to a More Affordable City

Hello and welcome back to Austin’s number #1 home-buying show, 100 Over Asking. I’m your host, Bart Onsprings, and today we have a wonderful show for you. Our couple today is Julie Chee and Dev Bashi. Both of them are former University of Texas grads and while Dev is still working on his building his juice company, Julie is head of regional sales with Oracle. The two of them have been together going on 5 years and have decided that now is the time for them to finally take the next step in their relationship and purchase a home together. Let’s see what they end up with on today’s episode!

How Flash Mobs Ruined My Sense of Trust in Strangers

Imagine you are walking through a crowded area, such as a public park or a shopping mall, and all of a sudden the person next to you starts acting strange. You take notice, but decide not to think too much of it until another person in front of you begins to act in the exact same way. Before you know it, the diverse group of people around you are all coming together, flailing their limbs in some sort of choreographed fashion, leaving you to simply sit and stare, wondering what the hell is going on. Finally, the music begins to play and the group of strangers finishes their song and dance as the ‘audience’ applauds, all before retreating back into their usual persona and dispersing as if nothing happen.