National Parks Horrors: The Banshee of Big Bend


Out on the desert plains between the high hills and the sand wastes lives a horror that the people of Big Bend dare not speak. Wandering these barren plateaus, visitors to the park have reported hearing screams in the distance, yet those who have seen the beast first-hand know better than to tell tales. You may believe that the worst dangers in the park are bears and snakes, but let me tell you about the Banshee of Big Bend and you’ll likely think again.

Although the park has only been open since (redacted), stories of a cloaked ghoul in these parts can be traced back to the stories of early native tribes. Back then, the Banshee was known as the Terilingua Screamer and was seen by some as a god who walks among us. According to these legends that have been passed down for generations, the Screamer would come at night and it wasn’t until a victim had already been claimed and devoured that anyone knew they were missing.

In more recent times, National Park officials have tried their best to do anything they can to combat the Banshee’s advances, but as the story goes, the beast has been here far longer than them and will most certainly be here after they are gone. There was even a time where locals begged the U. S. government to shut down the park until the demon could be apprehended, but their cries were either ignored or forgotten.

According to a witch doctor who has living near Big Bend for her entire life, there is only one way to be rid of the Banshee and keep the park safe. “A ritual upon the plains must be performed,” she told us in a shared nightmare. “The only way to defeat a beast of this nature is to trap them and sacrifice them to the gods who created them. Only they can rid us of this devil, for they are the one ones who have dominion over it.”

We asked her how we would go about performing this ritual, but by the time we finished our sentence she had returned to the form of a spotted lizard and slithered into the night. If you or someone you know have any clues about how to perform the ritual she mentioned, please contact us immediately so that the killing can stop.

The lives of our children depend upon it.





This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who would like to dedicate this sunburn to Big Bend. Thanks bud. Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwood.


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