New “Left Behind Challenge” Sweeping the Nation Amongst Christian Youth


(Colorado Springs, CO) What are the teens up to this time? Well, if you’re a churchgoing high schooler, you may have gotten caught up in the latest trend sweeping the nation. According to local sources we reached out to view Tik Tok, the new prank or ‘meme’ that has become quite popular in certain circles is something know as the “Left Behind Challenge.” Our sources tell us that this apparently involves leaving your clothes on various surfaces to appear as if you were called up to heaven in some sort of rapture. Typically, as this has gone viral, people are getting more and more creative.


We spoke with a few people that had posted these videos online, along with those subjected to the prank, to see what we could learn about the human condition.


Jeffrey, 15. I saw a clip of one of my friends doing this thing called “Left Behinding” on Twitter and I just knew I had to do it. I decided it would be funny to confused my Mom by telling her to meet me at the bus stop outside our house so we could go to the library together. Can you believe she fell for that? Anyway, so just as she is walking up, I jump up and hide behind a tree, leaving a duplicate of all my clothes on the bench behind me. She kind of lost her mind, literally. 


Linda, Jeffrey’s Mom, 35. Yeah, I’m on some anxiety meds now. I don’t blame Jeffrey though, I had been holding in a lot of things and that was kind of just the last straw. I will say, he did get grounded for a couple of weeks, but it will definitely be a fun memory to look back on once we have analyzed it in therapy. 


Ashleigh, 16. I wanted to impress this girl from youth group, so I made an Instagram video of me freaking out my grandfather by making it look like I got taken away to heaven without him. Unfortunately, he had just eaten a banana and was so surprised he dropped the peel and then proceeded to trip over it very cartoonishly. The video became a huge hit and I made some college money off the ad revenue, but I feel like an asshole. 


Terrance, Ashleigh’s Grandfather, 74. I really don’t mind it, apparently this is helping her with college. What I really would like to use this platform to do is tell you about how much I hate the internet. It is a tool from the devil and brings the world nothing but pain. Someone commented on my video “Oldie eatin’ banana looking mfer.” I do not appreciate that. Also, I broke my arm, but no one talks about that do they. 


Margaret, 13. It was supposed to just be fun and games, a meme, but I am starting to worry that it actually worked. I don’t know where I am. I don’t even know how we are communicating now. If this is heaven, I’m not sure I want it. 


Marcus, 18. Oh man I totally punked my little brother with this thing I heard about at a homeschooled kids meetup, it sounded hilarious. My little brother will believe anything and I still haven’t even told him I was kidding. He fully thinks that I am gone. Who knows how long I can keep this up? I’m excited to see myself. 


Matthew, Marcus’s brother, 11. Um, I don’t know what to say. I miss Marcus, but I know he’s in a better place. I know he would want me to have his Xbox. 


Marcus, 18. Wait, what?


So there you have it. A meme gone wild.





This was written by Nathan Ellwood, who ate the last taquito. Follow him @NPEllwood.


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