New Study Finds 92% of Emails Are Unnecessary


(Amsterdam, NY) Ever since email was invented by Ray Tomlinson back in 1672, humans have been inundated with message after message begging and pleading for their attention, even if only for just a second. Whether you like it or not, emails have become an enormous part of our lives and at this point there is just no denying it. Even with tools like SMS, Slack, and ClubPenguin, email reigns supreme over all the competition. However, just this week, a new report has been released by the Email Marketers of America (or EMA), stating that approximately 92% of emails are unnecessary. Email stocks have already bombed and it appears like a revolution is coming.


First: The Facts. The EMA study states that email in general is taken up by a few major groups: newsletters, spam, businesses, friends, and miscellaneous. Right off the bat, we have newsletters and spam, no one reads those. Then we have friends, that’s about a 10% open rate we’re talking about. And that’s friends. Next we have businesses, which depending on the deals they are offering can go from 2-20% in terms of usefulness. Finally, miscellaneous, which if you are doing it right, is almost always useful.


So what do we do with all of this useless digital junk that’s taking up all of our online space? I mean, I know that like the universe my gmail inbox is perpetually expanding, but then I try to search for that specific email and you can’t seem to place it amongst all of the ads. I need a Marie Kondo for my archived emails, dude. I need it.


Or maybe I’m getting this all wrong, maybe this is a calling for all those billions of email marketing companies out there pushing their wares to finally step up to the plate. You need to shoot for that 8% or maybe if you’re actually that good, you can make more less than 92% of emails from being useless. Send me things I actually need and/or want to watch/learn about.


I will offer no other specifics for you to base your messaging on. Just try your best.





This was written by Nathan Ellwood, who believes in short and simple, you know what I mean? You get me bro? You riding my wave? You feeling this vibe? Chill. Follow me.


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