New Netflix Show Combines Popular Formulas By Attempting to Find Homes for Serial Killers

Digital Image by Sean Locke
Digital Planet Design

As we find ourselves here in this place in time, The Golden Age of Television, it can be hard to remember a simpler time before all of these incredible shows we find ourselves inundated with every single day existed. Back in time, people would gather around to catch the nightly Wheel of Fortune and cross their fingers that it wasn’t a rerun. Now, it takes 25+ minutes to find a show that fits everyone’s vibe. There are just too many shows now and in order to make a name for yourself, you have to try your best to stick out. One particular Netflix show is trying its best to make a name for itself by combining two popular formulas and will be attempting to find homes for serial killers this fall.


Houses for Hunters is the first in a string of new Netflix shows to combine two seemingly random genres and throw them together like a proverbial smoothie. “Dramedies have been killing it lately,” explained executive vice president of global sales, Chief Formaldehyde. “So why can’t a serial killer realty show? Or a nature documentary about gamers? Or Stranger Things: The Musical? The possibilities are endless.”


After a recent teaser trailer, the producers behind this new show have revealed few details about how everything will actually work, but we are sure that they will handle things with grace and aplomb. That being said, it does seem weird to try and re-home serial killers. Shouldn’t they just be in straight up jail? Can’t these homes be given to people in need, rather than murderers? We’re starting to think this show wasn’t thought through.


“We’re hoping that if this is successful, we might be able to start doing Houses for Hunters: International and maybe even a reunion show like Houses for Hunters: Where Are They Now,” continued Formaldehyde. “I’d love to see how they use the amenities at the home we find for them. Who knows? We may even get to see them actually commit a murder.”


“I’m sorry,” we interjected at the follow-up press conference. “Are we to believe that you are advocating for serial killers? What has this world come to.”


“Anything for a buck!” yelled the executive vice president before disappearing in a paf of smoke. No one knows where they went next and no cared to find out.


Well, I guess this thing is happening, one way or the other. Look for Houses for Hunters this fall, only on Netflix.





This was written by Nathan Ellwood, who loves watching the boob tube. Can you believe people actually called it that? Wild.


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