National Park Horrors: The Fiend from Beyond the Arches

Hello and welcome back to another installment of National Park Horrors, our attempt to document the various monsters, creatures, and <redacted> that our government is trying to hide from us under the guise of public works. Today, we will be uncovering the secret of Arches National Park located just outside of Moab, Utah. Known for it’s incredible views of desert mountain architecture and beautiful sun-soaked arches, this national park has flown under our radar for quite some time due to the nature of the villain found there. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that we received our first report in years, which lead to us launching a full investigation. What comes next is the story of that investigation.

Eritas Daily humbly presents – The Fiend from Beyond the Arches.

The first report on a disturbance was sent to us by a couple who had been camping in the national park over New Year’s. They had considered not writing us, but they felt that they couldn’t live with themselves if they didn’t say something and someone got hurt. According to them, they went up to one of the large ‘window’ arches early on their first day and felt a cold breeze flow through the arch as they took their pictures. They didn’t think much of it then and finished their hike before heading back to their campsite.

It wasn’t until later that night that the same breeze washed over them again. This time, rather than just passing over them, a firm grasp of cold gripped their ankles, pulling them out of their tent. Both of them woke up outside, unsure as to what had happened, but panting from a rapid heartbeat. It wasn’t until morning that they found the burn marks on their legs. They left the park soon after, but made sure to document the scars left by god knows what on their ankles. They sent us the pictures and they marks were clearly made but a set of hands, only, the fingers were unnaturally long.

We put this report away and added it to our list of potential cases, but weren’t planning to pursue it further until the next time we were out West. But then another letter came, and another, and another. Each time with more evidence, more footage, and more or less the same story. Each victim visited the arches and was later visited by some sort of cold, dark entity. None of them caught glimpse of the monstrosity itself, but each of them felt something like the life draining out of them when it came to call. And the bruises, they just kept getting worse with each new photo.

It was at this point that we decided to take a road trip out to Utah ourselves and find out what was going on. We packed only our most sophisticated equipment and booked a campsite for 2 weeks, intending to fully immerse ourselves in the investigation.

We left after 2 days.

It had to have known we were coming for how aggressive the onslaught was as soon as we arrived. We had barely gotten out of the car when the wind started to pick up, causing a dervish to rise before us and force us to retreat back into the car. After waiting hours for the storm to die down, we took our chances with a fast break to the arches. When we got there, we saw the outline of a horned being in the swirling dirt, staring down at us with a look of pure malice. We fell back again, fear making our hearts beat with a quickness.

It was even worse back at the campsite and no one got any sleep. The next day, we wandered the desert in a haze, trying to find anything but clues of a disturbance. It was too much for our mental health, we had to leave.

I wish there was more we could say, but it’s taken a few therapy sessions just to get this much out. It’s clear the Arches are a beautiful wonder, but they have attracted something truly horrid and insidious. We advise that you avoid this area until the curse can be lifted and the stain wiped away. Until then, it is forsaken ground.


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