How to Teach Your Children to See Flying For The Sin Against God That It Is

Do you remember the first time you flew on an airplane? Reflect back on it now and then answer this question for me – did it feel natural to you or were you petrified with fear the entire time? Your answer likely depends on when you first flew. Personally, I flew for the first time when I was old enough to know better, around 7 or 8, and from that moment on my life has never known peace. It is for this reason that I am writing this article today – to warn you about what you are teaching your children. If I do my job right, this will be the generation that stops flying for good.

Children understand when they are born that flying is a sin against God, it’s only through desensitization to this process and the normalization of it in popular culture that they come to accept it as part of life. And this idea isn’t new either, since the invention of flying, humans knew they were playing with fire.

The year was 1903 and two brothers known as Wilbur and Orville Wright decided that they wanted to spit in the face of God and deny him by creating a rudimentary flying machine. When the towns people observed what they were doing, they tried their best to stop them, but not before the damage is done. An eye witness report from that day shows exactly what the sentiment of the time was.

“I remember seeing them Wrong boys up there on that hill and thinking, ‘Oh boy, this is it.’ As they came down the incline and took off flying, looking as if they were lighter than air, I knew the day would end in bloodshed. And even though we were able to burn them at the stake alter that day, they had incepted the idea of flight into the human consciousness and we’ve grown further from the God’s light every day since.” – Hilda ‘Bomber’ Ruffins, 1904.

Now, in 2021, 100,000 flights take off and land every day all over the globe. Our hubris knows no bounds. But what can be done? Flying is so engrained in our culture that to imagine removing it seems foolhardy. Unfortunately, it might be one of the few things that could save us as a species.

So here are the three things you need to teach your children to make sure they never fly. Print these out and put them around your house if you need to.

1. Flying is for birds, not me. I am a human with legs and not an angel or an eagle. To think otherwise is death.

2. The world beneath my feet is enough. The sky is for clouds and rainbows, not metal tubes. I will fistfight any pilot I see for their betrayal of humankind.

3. Sins against God can never be forgiven. It’s too late for my parents, but it’s not too late for me. I will be the Pure one and I will keep my feet planted in the soil and ash.

Pretty easy rules for kids, right? We thought so.

And with that and enough luck, we might finally one day find ourselves in the pure light of God. It’s up to us.


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