Trump Believes Presidency is Actually a Role for Television


In an interview with Eritas Daily, Trump explained his belief that the political sphere is actually a television show saying “It was the hugest surprise when the electoral college cast me as President. I honestly didn’t think I would get the role!”

While Donald Trump has been active in Hollywood for years—being nominated twice for an Emmy and appearing in television shows like The Apprentice—no role boosted his acting career like becoming the 45th President of the United States. Trump confirmed that he had almost no political experience whatsoever until launching his campaign last year, referring to the presidency as a “show he had never even heard of until recently.” In fact, sitting down with Trump one-on-one revealed his belief that his newfound role is not a metaphorical one but rather a literal role for a television show, comparing his first month in the White House to the Netflix original, House of Cards, and himself to actor Kevin Spacey. “You know when Frank Underwood finally becomes president in Season Two? My first few weeks have been like that in every way.”

In response to questions about his relationship with political opponent Hillary Clinton, Trump stated, “Once I heard that nasty woman Hillary was auditioning, I knew I had to take the role from her.” In talking about how his misogynistic and objectifying attitudes toward women are indeed true to his character, Trump admitted he has considered interacting with Hilary in more respectful ways for the sake of the cameras. “That’s just not me,” Trump ultimately concluded. “I just don’t think much of women.”

Many people, including Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and Trump’s own wife Melania Trump, have attempted to convince Trump that the presidency is, in fact, a real occupation and not merely a role in a television show, but Trump only laughed, claiming, “They are so good at their supporting roles! It’s a YUGE blessing to get to work with such impressive actresses.”

When asked about his motives behind the recent military action taken in Syria, Trump responded, “Of course I don’t care about children. If I cared about saving children’s lives, Flint wouldn’t be the way it is, would it?” Trump reported that the Syrian strike was completely driven by his falling approval numbers, because “it’s like American Idol: if you want the votes, you gotta give your viewers what they want. Besides, some of those media outlets saying the strike actually killed anyone are FAKE NEWS!”

Although the U.S. Constitution only allows American presidents to hold two terms, Trump reportedly said that he “really hopes the show will continue for at least six seasons and a movie.”

This article was written by Lauren Ward-Reed who is amazing and wonderful and has never seen a stop sign in person. Follow her, please follow her on Twitter @LaurenWardReed.

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