April 12th Officially Declared “Roast Sean Spicer Day”


Move over Russian Cosmonaut Day, National Grilled Cheese Day, and International Day for Street Children, we are dropping a hot new holiday on you from now until forever. “Roast Sean Spicer Day” is now a National Holiday. That’s right! Get your hands out and start roasting this guy.

There was precedent for this being declared a National Holiday after what transpired on April 11, 2017, when Sean Spicer brought Hitler comparisons to the press room and disgraced our nation. Since this whole thing was my idea, I am going to fire the first shot.

“Hey Spicey, get that finger out of your ear! You know where it’s been.”

It feels good. We here at the Eritas office are so stoked about today that we will be posting a few articles to go along with this Holiday’s theme. Be sure to follow along on the hashtag #RoastSeanSpicerDay and tweet us your personal favorite flames.

All proceeds from the inevitable commercialization of “Roast Sean Spicer Day” will be given to the ACLU and other organizations that are necessary in a world of Spicey chaos.



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