What Summertime Toys Do You Miss the Most? 


As the weather gets warmer and we stock up on SPF ∞ sunscreen, it’s hard to ignore the fact that summer just isn’t the same once you’re an adult as it was when you were a kid. So in the spirit of summertime reminiscence, we’ve listed some of those items that made our childhood summers so memorable. Which ones do you remember?

  • Beach ball full of sand crabs
  • Season 2 of Home Improvement on DVD
  • The tub
  • Your grandmother’s stories
  • Wally the Talking Chickpea
  • Murder Mystery Legos
  • Yarn
  • Super Soaker: The Wet Maker
  • Make Your Own Acid Rain Science Kit
  • The slop
  • Lizards on the Loose: The Board Game
  • Two water bottles glued together, butt to butt
  • 30 dice
  • Star Wars Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Fire Safety Set
  • Nike Ankle Breakers Plus, the Shoes That Break Your Ankles™
  • A rainbow, getting closer and making you nervous


Fun fact about today’s author: Kevin Harrington-Bain was born in 1927. Follow him for more on Twitter @kkevinb

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