The Eye in the Haystack


I don’t want to alarm you, but there is an eye in this haystack.


Which one?


This one:


How did the eye get there?


That’s a good question. I cannot give you any further information, all I can tell you is that there is an eye in the haystack.


Not connected to anything, mind you. It is an eye, optic nerve and all, and nothing else.


We know this may be upsetting, but you need to comprehend what we are saying. It is important that you understand the words I am telling you.


In this haystack


is one of these


no, not like that.


still wrong.




Aha! There we go. Yes. So there is one of these in a haystack. Like one of these.


Once again, there is an eye (like this)


in the haystack (this one)


and that’s all we know.


Stay with us as this story is continues to develop.


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