The Top Five Baby Names of 2017 from the Alternate Timeline Where Hillary Won


We have just received breaking news from Timeline 48, the won where Hilary won the election, that due to this historic win their most popular baby names this year have been unique to say the least. It has cost us very much to secure this information from our Timeline 48 brethren, but it was worth it for this discovery from their alternate world. We humbly present to you the 5 most popular baby names from the timeline where Hilary won.


1. Hilary

Obviously every parent wanted to the name their kid after the first female president, but in a weird turn of events, 63% of the Hilary’s born in 2017 were boys. I guess feminism isn’t just for women anymore, boys.


2. Justice

While Hilary Clinton hasn’t done much in the first 6 months of her presidency in Timeline 48, a lot of people were optimistic about her presidency. Thus, a large number of babies born were named Justice. It’s too soon to tell if Hillary Clinton will do anything for the communities that got her elected in their time, but honestly we have better things to worry about.


3. Emails

This one is a little bit of a misnomer because everyone just heard the word “Emails” so much leading up the election that they thought it would make for a good baby name. It’s been a confusing year in Timeline 48.


4. Jimbo

People love the name Jimbo, I don’t know what to tell you.


5. Monica

Ever since they put Friends on Netflix, the name Monica has been skyrocketing in popularity. We don’t think this has to do at all with Hilary’s election, but is simply due to a resurgence in the popularity of 90s culture.


Thus completes our list. Thank you for joining us.




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