Ten Questions with the Demogorgon Himself, Star of Stranger Things 2


We had the opportunity recently to catch up with the breakout star of Stranger Things 2, the sophomore season of a show that America just can’t get enough of. You may know him as the “shadow monster” or the “spawn of hell,” but over the course of the interview, all I felt like calling him was friend. Really, the hero of Stranger Things when you think about it. The Demogorgon himself.


He was gracious enough to allow me to ask him 10 questions that we all were dying to know. Check it out.


Mr. Demogorgon, what do you say to fans of the show who call you a villain?

I simply think its a case of people mistaking passion for villainry. I am not a complex creature. I have what I care about, I am passionate about it, and I stick to it. I don’t like people complaining about me just because my passion just happens to be destroying their town.


That actually brings me to my next question. You said that you are bent on destroying our town. Have you destroyed any towns before?



How many towns?

Lost count.


So, you’re saying Hawkins isn’t special? Are you trying to hurt my feelings?

Listen, just because I have destroyed other towns doesn’t mean think Hawkins isn’t special. I mean, I don’t. But that’s besides the point. Are these really the questions your viewers want you asking me? I’m kind of a big deal now.


Zip your lid! I’m asking the questions here, not you. Now, what is your favorite New York pizza slice?

Oh, absolutely Joe’s. Are you kidding me? Nothing like it.


What was it like working with Millie Bobby Brown?

She’s just delightful. I mean, all of these kids, the way that they scream and scream. I love it. They are just such good actors, sometimes I wonder if they are even acting at all. I would hope not, but those screams do sound authentic. Something to think on during your next rewatch.


Think you’ll be in contention for an Emmy this year?

I really won’t be able to say until after the Golden Globes, you know? They say that’s how it works, but let’s just say I like my chances. I mean, whose gonna beat me? Better Call Saul? That show’s alright, actually. But like, I’m better. Sorry, Demogorgons aren’t usually competitive beings so this is new for me. Usually there is more than enough towns to devour so there is no need for competition.


Have you ever considered that you might run out of towns if you keep gulping them up?

Huh. You know what? I kind of hadn’t thought about that. I’ll bring it to the Elders next time we chat. Sorry, I have a lunch meeting with Reese, how many more questions are there?


Only 2 more, Mr. Gorgon sir. And they are short. Do you love me?



And will you take this rose?

I mean, I guess. But Paul, this relationship is still so new, I don’t know if I can be with someone who loves this deeply. I mean, I’m an actor and you work for a failing newspaper, what chance in hell do we have? Funny enough I’ve actually been to hell and they say not good.


And with that, the Demogorgon himself slithered away into the night. I never saw him again and although I would continue to enjoy the show, Stranger Things never gave me the same joy it once did. It was tainted by the Demogorgon and the way he ghosted me after I gave him 6 months of my life. No, I don’t think I’ll ever recover.


Thank you for reading.





This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who wants to let you in on a little easter egg. There are actually 11 questions in this article, can you find them? Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwood.


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