BREAKING: The Guys from Those Sonic Commercials Have Been Dead Since 2007


(Oklahoma City, OK) In a recent attempt to show how transparent their business practices are, Sonic Drive-In Inc. has declassified a series of old company documents. These documents were mainly financial holdings, profit reports, and new flavor combinations. However, written within this data was a story much more peculiar and much more haunting. We have discovered that the guys from Sonic’s commercials have been dead since 2007 and a series of robots have taken their place over the last 11 years. This, is BREAKING news.


In a document hidden so far inside of a zip file that I had to Google how to access it was a list of paid talent by the Sonic Corporation. According to these reports, both T.J. Jagodowski and Peter Grosz were taken off the payroll and their life insurance was filed. Soon after, a different hidden file indicates that the Sonic Corporation paid a incredible sum to a company called “Robotz 4 U” the very next day. Have these two men been replaced by newer and newer robots? Are we failing the Turing Test every time we see their commercials, tempting us with tasty treats?


Personally, I am pretty impressed. I mean, T.J. Jagodowski had a multi-season arc on Veep, so if that is a robot, that is incredible.


But truly, the worst part is that Sonic has been lying to us. They, in an attempt to show a transparent side, have shown us the beast behind the mask. We do not belong to you, Sonic. You cannot replace us and our favorite mid-range comedians with robots at whim. This is a democracy sir, last time I checked.


Oh no. I just thought of something. What if they replaced me? What if I’m the robot? But what would the Sonic Corporation want with me? I have been nothing if not generous with my purchases from your drive-in. Please, don’t tell me this is a simulation or that I’ve been a robot the whole time. I don’t want to be in a Black Mirror episode, they give me nightmares.


Please, Sonic. Please tell me I’m real.






This article was written by Nathan Ellwood, who is waiting for @Sonic’s response. Tweet me dude @NPEllwood.


  1. I want the two guys back too. I don’t care how Dead they are. I loved their friendship tworads each other, thier humor, I enjoy them. No one will ever compare to them. Not for me.


  2. I am so sick of things changing I loved to see these two guys . Bring them back they added some much to the Sonic


  3. I love the commercials with the two guys.. Hilarious nobody could ever replace them!! I never ate at sonic before I saw the commercials I don’t want to eat there if these guys are not doing the commercials !!The new ads👎🏻 I know it sounds crazy but they were so funny it makes you want to eat there.. Just to support THEM!! With everything with the coronavirus I think they would be even more of an impact on business!!! I haven’t eaten fast food since March 10…😶


  4. I don’t like the new Sonic commercials!! I’ve been going to Sonic for many years and you should bring the the the previous actors back!! I will not go to Sonic again! I have a lot of family and friends and they all feel the same way about it!!!


  5. How did the two guys sonic pass away because I didn’t know I m very sorry to hear that they passed away just enjoy your 4th of July and please tell the two guys family and friend I m sorry I want to they were very funny and I really enjoyed they thank for them


  6. I do not like the new commercials, especially the one with the boy with glasses. He is such a smarties pants. He acts too grown.

    Why is coleslaw no longer on the menu????


  7. The guy wrote this article is a jerk off. They are both alive and well Peter is actually just wrapping up a wonderful part in a show called The Wonderful Mister Mattel. Look it up yourself


  8. We lose our appetite watching the new TV ads especially that chubby smart allec boy and his parents then there is another discusting father that chews with his mouth open and the camera pans right to his gaping mouth. Do you want us to come buy your food or just lose our appetite looking at your new TV ads? Please bring back the 2 funny guys that advertised for Sonic for years, they made us all want to go to Sonic.


  9. Why would you take those two guys out of your commercials when they were the most wonderful wonderful guys that you could have ever hired…..Bring them back… Everybody loved them……They have so much talent!


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