This Day in 2060: Jaden and Willow Smith Welcomed Home After Trip Through Black Hole


Today we take your forward to June 22nd, 2060 as part of our This Day in History series. While some have questioned our ability to see into the future, all deniers of the sacred truth will be destroyed, so we are not concerned. On this day in our near future, Jaden and Willow Smith finally return home to a glorious welcome after traveling through a black hole and making it back in one piece. The last time anyone had seen the duo, times had been much worse and they were viewed as foolish children. Little did their critics know that this is what they had been born to do and 42 years later, they proved them all wrong by returning to us as young as when they left.


When the two originally left, they were only 19 and 17 years old. No one was quite sure who was older, but somehow the two had always seemed beyond ago, beyond time. They were truly the chosen millennials of our time. After hi-jacking a rocket that was due for the moon, the rogue duo redirected the shuttle into a dying star. Just as it was about to explode we lost all contact. No one knew what had happened to them and it was considered another loss in the war against our own demise.


But then, twenty years later, a radio transmission was finally received from the long lost siblings. On the recording, neither Jaden nor Willow sound any different than anyone remembered them. They assumed it was simply recorded moments before their demise, but there were those who held out hope. When the news finally came that they had returned, many bets were called in and as a collective society we came together to celebrate.


Upon their return, there were millions of questions that people wanted answered. Instead, they gave a simple press conference. “Hello. I have returned with my sister on a grave mission. We have seen the future and it was merely the past. You fools do not understand the truth about time and it will be your end. We are here to stop that,” Jaden announced to the audience, followed directly by Willow.


“The seven dimensions of being will be revealed to you when the end is nigh. Don’t fret, this won’t be the true end. That will not be predicted and no one will be prepared. This, you should fear.”


With that, they were escorted into a discreet black town car that quickly disappeared in the confusion. No one has seen them since, with some already spreading rumors of them having left Earth again, abandoning us to our fate. But we all know how this ends, so why even think about it? Remember a kinder time instead. It will be easier.





This article was written by Nathan Ellwood who. Follow him for more on Twitter @NPEllwod.


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