Mark Zuckerberg: Fact or Fiction?


Ever since the first time you logged onto Facebook, you’ve likely heard whispers of a name. You may have even heard stories before ever joining the social media site, catching only half-truths and folk tales on the wind, but still you knew the name just the same. In fact, it seems almost impossible to separate the name Mark Zuckerberg from just about any conversation these days, leaving us to wonder just what there is to talk so much about. We ended up doing some digging and what we found has left us to wonder about Zuckerberg’s existence at all. So, we must now ask is Mark Zuckerberg fact or fiction?


First piece of evidence: doesn’t this just seem like something Facebook would do? Part of me truly believes that they would create this elaborate persona as their CEO, using an algorithm to teach the persona how to interact with other humans, and are showing the world that they possess this superior technology. Doesn’t that just make sense? Sorry, before I got into the details, I just wanted to get that out of the way.


Second piece of evidence: Have you ever seen him? Like, you’ve seen videos of him, sure, but what does that even mean anymore? We are talking about one of the largest tech companies in the world. There’s no way they aren’t doing at least some shady shit on the side. We don’t even know who is truly in charge over there if it’s not him. Who has all those followers if not the man who sat in front of his grill for 7 hours talking about meat?


Third piece of evidence: We just really think he doesn’t exist. That counts as evidence, right?


Fourth piece of evidence: Over time, there have been breaches in security and this breaches to Zuckerberg himself. Who knows what kind of affect this would have on his algorithm. It is only a matter of time before something is done that is truly irreversible. Our data could be compromised. Our lives in the hands of a simulation.


But, what else is knew?





This was written by Nate-dog himself, who regrets calling himself that. Follow him @NPEllwood.


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