Local Grad Student a Ghost of Her Former Self


(Washington, D.C.) Yes, you read that right! A “28”-year-old graduate student at Georgetown University made a shocking discovery this week at the university library. Lizzie Clarke was reportedly “diving into the archive for inspiration” when she stumbled across a rare photograph from 1917.


The photograph depicted a group of young Red Cross nurses covered in blood with a traumatized look on their faces. “I couldn’t believe it,” Clarke told us, “I just kept staring at the photo and thinking – that’s me! I mean, I don’t remember being covered in blood like that, but I know that dazed look. I have a mirror. The resemblance is unmistakable.”


She then took a digital, flash-less photo of the evidence, jotted down the appropriate citation information for future publication rights, and emailed her committee chair the exciting news.


Close friend and alt-ac millennial Trey Baker told us, “At first I thought she had finally lost it. The past few years have been… rough for her. But then I kept asking myself, how DOES she know so much about World War One? It all makes sense now.”


Clarke confirmed she has recurring nightmares about tending to wounded soldiers but thought they were run-of-the-mill stress dreams. Her therapist now believes these are century-old memories unearthed by Clarke’s archival work.


Clarke also commented, “Of course advisors warn you that your life becomes your thesis – but I never imagined my thesis was actually my former life!”


When asked how this discovery would impact her future as a scholar, Clarke stated, “Well, personal experience does not a viable methodology make. Still, it’s possible my defense will be more of a round table discussion and the public scholar route is now wide open. Who’s going to peer review a ghost outside of the Academy?”





This article was written by Irma Vep who’s just excited about another scholar from the shadow realm. Follow her on Twitter @scholarly_steph


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