Area Woman Gets Small Rush Replying ‘Maybe’ to Facebook Event She Knows She’ll Never Attend

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(Burlington Coat Factory, FL) Oh the bliss, oh the excitement, oh the rush! I hope that one day we will all experience the joy that Stacy Gibson is experiencing right now. Today, Gibson was blessed, like all of us have been at one time or another, with a Facebook event invite. Right away she felt a heightened sense of responsibility and was not feeling it at all. She considered putting it off until later, but then she realized that she already knew how this was going to go. She would put it off until the day of and then bail like she always did. No, today would be different. Today she would hit ‘Maybe’ and never show up like a true adult.


The rest of the day, Stacy was walking on air just thinking about it. “Maybe-ing might be the best thing Facebook has ever done,” she thought to herself. “If I don’t show up, no one will think twice, but if I do end up going, people will be pleasantly surprised. Talk about a win-win.”


A few months ago, Stacy hosted the best party of her life. Now, the party was perfectly fine, but nothing too unusual. You know, a few beers, a few friends, a few foosball tables. All that was good, but not what made it the best party. The reason Stacy will always remember that night is that every single person, including her co-hosts, responded ‘maybe’ to the event. Everyone who showed up was a nice surprise followed by another and on and on.


Now, Stacy was hoping to return that favor. Although now that she realized what she had done, she had effectively made sure she won’t be able to go at all. I mean, how do you live up to that? You can’t surprise everyone and then duck out at 9:15 when you’re feeling a lil sleepy, you gotta actually stay and hang out. And you know you’re not extroverted enough for that.


Ultimately, Gibson had to delete the Facebook app entirely just to forget about it. In fact, this is actually why we are writing this story. A few days after she stopped responding to Facebook messages, Stacy went missing and has yet to be found. The party is tomorrow and no one truly believes she will show up, but most still have the slightest bit of hope that she will. I mean, how cool would that be?


But seriously, if you know anything about Stacy’s whereabouts, please tell us. She’s all alone out there, not a Facebook friend in the world.






This was written by Nathan Ellwood who hopes you have a wonderful weekend before the America Time. Follow him around the track at the gym if you too care about fitness.


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