Celebrity Food Review: J.K. Rowling Has Cake and Eats It Too


Have you ever wondered what celebrities eat? I mean, with all of that wealth, power, and acclaim, how would you even choose from the endless culinary options only you and the winners of Top Chef are privy to? I’ve thought about this extensively myself and I feel like I would be in a constant battle between trying new things and eating my favorite meals continuously without stopping. However, for some celebrities who have been in the spotlight for decades, finding the right thing to eat is an easy task that they hardly ever think about. Today in our first ever Celebrity Food Review, we’re taking a closer look at the munchies of Harry Potter author and famous person J.K. Rowling.


Now, this may come as a surprise to you, but Rowling has told us on numerous occasions that her food of choice is cake. Carrot, strawberry, chocolate cherry surprise – the flavor doesn’t matter. J.K. loves nothing more than sitting down for a nice piece of cake, having some, and then eating it too.


We caught up with her via Skype last week to hear more about the eccentric author’s culinary pallet.


*Skype boot-up noise*


“Hey J.K., how’s it going? Is it OK if we address you as J.K.?”


“Actually, in a formal setting I prefer Joanne,” Rowling correct us. “You see, I was named after my aunt and I always want more people to talk about her. She was a lovely woman with a surprisingly loose moral code.”


“Sure thing, Joanne. So, we called you today to talk about your favorite food. Where should we get started?”


“Oh yes, I love food. Just the best. You know, most of the food in my series Harry Potter was just boiled down bugs that the characters were eating, with the shape and flavor of the bugs being altered magically to fit the situation. A fun little tidbit for your readers.”


“Oh, okay, sure. That seems believable. Now, what about you? What is your favorite food?”


“Me? You don’t want to hear about my characters? Ron’s favorite food is Hermione by the way.”


“Jesus, no. We don’t care about that, we want to know Joanne Kathleen Rowling’s favorite food.”


“Hmm,” she thought while holding her thumb over her webcam. We could still hear her, but I don’t think she knew that. “Come on J, think of something relatable. What do millennials like? Ooh, cake! Yes, yes, that’s it. I’ve been to several parties where I saw millennials eating cake.” *removes thumb from webcam* “Yes, I have your answer. Cake.”


“So it could be said that you like to have your cake and eat it too?”


“I should certainly hope so!


“Finally, would you like to comment on your books’ depictions of goblins?”


“Now, I must be going chum, but I loved the chat. Ring you later!”


And like that, the interview was over. If you happen to be one of those freaks who cares about what celebrities eat, I hope this scratched your itch.






This was written in the deeps and the hollows.


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