“Are We Human? Or Are We Worms in a Skin Suit?” One Woman’s Quest to Find the Truth


Human life. Such an interesting thing, isn’t it? Personally, I’m interested in it and it seems like something we should all continue doing despite the surmounting evidence to the contrary. Today we are profiling one person who is living their life to the fullest and searching for the true meaning of life. By this, we of course are talking about Melissa Sacroft and her search for truth. If you aren’t already enlightened, Ms. Sacroft is investigating whether humans are made of flesh and tissue they way we have always thought or are instead simply writhing skin suits full of worms. Here is her story.


From a young age, Melissa had always been curious. Whether it was about ants or bushes or dinosaurs, Melissa always went the extra mile. She would actually read the dry textbooks her father had on the shelf about dinosaurs eating habits, absorbing the information with almost perfect recall. Her teachers were so intimidated by her intellect that they let her get away with almost anything, a dangerous lesson learned for young Sacroft.


At 14. Melissa published her first research paper on the Worm Question. Entitled There are Worms Beneath my Skin, oh God!, scholars everywhere agreed it was a smashing success and redefined the idea of a young genius. With the eyes of the world upon her, Melissa graduated high school at 15 and began her studies in Wormology at Cornell. Things were looking nothing but up for the young scientist.


We could spend hours describing the rest of her career, as she soared through the ranks of the Wormologist elite, kicking ass and taking names. She became a preeminent scholar in her field and was on top of the world, relatively speaking. But then, she hit a wall and was scorned for her autobiography, Worms and I, in which she claimed to be among the “chosen” that was built of a network of worms, while the rest of us were simply “dumb ol’ sacks of blood and bones.” It was controversial, to say the least, and Dr. Sacroft had to retire to their home for a year-long sabbatical.


During that time, they continued studying, never stopping despite the court orders. This was her and her worm’s world and no one was going to take that from her. She had realized herself fully and was only interested in pushing that as far as she could until she leveled up. Her worms were going to be the best in the land.


So, in the question of “Are we human? Or are we worms in a skin suit?” the jury may still be out academically, but we hope that you will just believe in your heart whatever you want to be true. Who knows? It might actually happen if you think hard enough.





This was written by Nathan Ellwood who wants you to play D&D. It’s the best.


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