We’re Approaching the Singularity, Baby!


(Flung out of space) Oh, we’re approaching the singularity, it’s so close now I can feel it. Hello and welcome, for those of you just catching up, we have been flying through deep space now for what seems like an eternity, but that’s probably just our proximity to the black hole. You see, we have been tasked with something so dangerous that no one else has ever attempted it (that we know of). In fact, until recently, no one in the known universe has had the technology to even attempt it. We’ve been within it’s grasp for centuries now, time stretching thing like pizza dough. But we’re here, we’re doing it. We’re approaching the singularity, baby!


These past few months have been hard on all of us. We have been getting close for so long, we no longer felt as if we were moving through time at all. Everything was so still it was impossible to tell how time was passing. We would have conversations, sure, and our instruments would record time, but when the only way to know you are sane is staring at numbers move on a digital screen, you start to lose it a bit. Most of us have just been sleeping, preparing. None of us know what lies beyond.


The first dreams I had in space were always peaceful, always full of memories of my time on Earth or things I remembered from childhood. I had never slept better. But the longer we have been out here, the more my dreams consist entirely of the Void and her, the singularity. I’ve dreamt of her every night, for as long as I can now remember. I know more of her face than I do that of my family, who passed away so many years ago, it’s as if they never even existed at all.


Which makes us constantly ask the question “Do we exist?” I mean, it’s a valid thought, right? Why would there only be four of us in a small, black box flung out of space, eternally approaching the singularity that we might have already passed? I mean, how would we know? Maybe we will live forever within the endless folds of this black hole. But such is life, eh?


Personally, I’ve decided to keep on living for the time being. It was a real toss up there for awhile, but my curious nature has gotten the best of me. I promise you that I will write when we finally are brought into the warm embrace of the singularity if I can, but we were told that is highly unlikely. I hold out hope all the same.


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