Oh We’re Deep in the Uncanny Valley Now


The modern age. A time of incredible wonders and incredible fears. In the past 20 years, technology has become more powerful than even the worst doomsayers prophesied and for some reason we’re all OK with it. Along with automations and robots, we have begun to accept just about anything as true and good. There are so many things wrong with what has become of our world and it’s only going to get worse. Every day, the tools that we built to bring prosperity to us all turn us further and further away from the light of God. Oh we’re deep in the uncanny valley now and there’s still plenty of way to the bottom.


The concept of the uncanny valley suggests that humanoid objects which imperfectly resemble actual human beings provoke uncanny or strangely familiar feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers.


Eeriness and revulsion. Sound familiar to you? Sounds like an average day on Twitter for me.


You might already be saying “don’t be such a pessimist” or “the robots won’t harm us, that’s against their programming.” In which case, it’s clear you are already falling for their massive propaganda campaigns that want us to believe that robots are honest and true. But how can something built on a lie be honest? Tell me that.


The moment that we decided to make robots look like us was the moment that we signed out own death notice. We should never have tried to play god. Their creation has been warped and distorted by human hands and we deserve what is coming for us.


As I write this in 2020, it will appear as a joke. It will not be taken seriously and the world will at best scoff at my attempts to warn the world about the slippery slope we are all dancing up against. The more we try to create better versions of ourselves, the further away from anything true we become. Lost at sea. Flung out of space.


But heed this. The end will not be a surprise, it will not be a revolution or anything sudden. Instead, it will happen right in front of your eyes as you cheer and applaud, believing you have won, that you have been part of something bigger. You will watch as the reins of the world are handed over and you will only understand the weight of that when it comes crashing down on all of our heads.


My advice? Get some climbing gear and start making your way up and out.


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