YouTuber Won’t Stop Until He Has Reenacted Every Possible Human Emotion


In our strange, bizarre world in the year of our Slime 2020, we must, as a society, acknowledge that YouTubers aren’t going anywhere and must be recognized as a valid entertainment industry. While we have no choice but to acknowledge them, we by no means need to encourage them. With people like Logan Paul, Pewdiepie, and other YouTube celebrities running wild, I would say that we actually need to do a better job of discouraging them. In fact, there’s one person that I definitely think we should start bullying more. His name is Bark Stanley and he has made a vow that he won’t stop until he has reenacted every possible human emotion.


It all started with his fantastic original series, Has This Ever Happened to You? It was a hit straight from the start, because everything he was describing had happened to most people, so his target audience was enormous. The first episode was about having to pay too much money for airport food. There was no way he was going to fail.


After some time, he developed another series, Cringe Human Emotion Fails where he talked about the deepest, darkest secrets of the human experience. It got dark. It got real. It got him 10 million followers and an appearance on Ellen. He was invincible, but slowly running out of things to imitate with his videos, so he start yet another cash cow – I mean, content channel.


It was called Cringe Human Emotion Fails 2 and it was at first a huge success, but quickly fell off as people realized it was just repackaged content from his other channels. Struggling to find room to go, Bark Stanley decided to continue pushing deeper and deeper into his niche to get the best results for him and his brand.


The next attempt was something called Minuscule Actions of the Face where he explored very specific things that can happen to your face when you react to something. Somehow, the more niche it was, the more money he was making. It was bizarre, but he kept going with it.


Now, Bark is running out of ideas for more emotions, but he has vowed to never stop until he has discovered them all and recreated them for his YouTube followers. What they do with those videos, who knows, but he keeps making them regardless.


So, yeah, we should bully him, no?


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