Five Dream Homes We Just Can’t Get Enough Of

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Hello lovely readers! Oh I am just so excited to bring to you this report on some exciting real estate that has just been put on the marketplace. While buying a home is not everyone’s dream, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that we all have a dream home of some kind that we fantasize about. So, when something resembles a dream home, I just get so excited about telling others about it that I sometimes can’t control myself. All that said, I’ll try my best to remain calm and composed as I present to you these five dream homes that I simply can’t get enough of. Homes that could soon be yours!


First up, we have this wonderful forest home. Car being reclaimed by nature included!

Now we just love this home for a couple of reasons. One, it’s nice and secluded, perfect for a writer or a psychologist to make their home. Second, it has a horrifying history. This will be so fun for when you have guests over! Talk about an anecdote. And third, no neighbors! What a dream. Perfect for anyone with an active imagination.


OK, I get it, that’s not your style. Well then check out our second home. An iconic two story villa located, again, deep in the woods.


For this house, if you aren’t sold with a first, cursory glance, you don’t deserve to live here. Sorry, I don’t get defensive of houses like this often, but this one is truly special and I only want someone to live here if they are going to get the full experience. Features include: no running water, a basement with unknown secrets, a locked attic, and no neighbors for miles. Perfect for a family of 4 looking to start fresh.


Not a fan of the deep woods? Your loss. But that’s OK, our next dream home is perfect for anyone looking to live in the plains.


Deep in the plains with a smattering of trees you can find this delicious old stone home. Decrepit in all the right ways, this lodge was originally used as a shoelace factory before all of the workers disappeared along with owner and head supervisor Sten Langley. Some still say that Sten’s ghost visits the house to make sure no one ever uses it for anything but making shoelaces, but we don’t recommend putting any money behind this theory. In reality, you’ll be dead long before you uncover his actual plan. Perfect for a new couple and their baby that they had to stave off divorce for a few more years.


More of a city person? This next home is for you.

Situated in the Moss District, this turn of the century townhome is an ideal living situation for anyone who loves ivy. Whether poisonous or not, almost every kind of ivy that exists can be found crawling on, through, and below this house. Scientists are baffled by this and are starting to believe that the origins of this ivy might be from beyond our world. Perfect for anyone looking for a new friend.


And finally, the last and quite possibly the best of our dream home tour. The creme de la creme, if you will.


Summoned out of thin air by a group of traveling warlocks, this mansion has existed in multiple places throughout its lifetime and is poised to move again. Of the few former residents who are still living, they tell us that while obviously cursed, this abode has so many secret magical items within it’s walls, you’re sure to have some wacky adventures. Even the former residents who aren’t still with us told us that the house is a blast. Perfect for anyone looking to mysteriously disappear.


And that does it. If none of these homes jump out at you, don’t worry, your dream home will find you one day. Whether you like it or not.

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