The Cultural Impact of Kyle XY and His Lack of Bellybutton


There are moments in time that sometimes feel suspended, as if we can always jump back and revisit them at the drop of a hat. For some of us, this can be an inexplicable moment where something bizarre happened that always comes back to us in the weirdest times. For others, it could be a moment where a small beauty occurred. But for me, that moment is the first time I saw a commercial for the ABC Family original show Kyle XY. There he was, standing there announcing himself to world. And with no bellybutton! Ever since, I’ve often reflected on the cultural impact his lack of bellybutton and today I’m going to share that with you.


Please bear in mind that I saw this commercial maybe 5-6 times total in the year 2006, so my knowledge of the details is foggy to say the least. That said, this will not at all stop me from trudging forward with the ultimate confidence in myself like any true American should.


So, from what I remember, Kyle XY is your average teen. Why is he called Kyle XY? Good question. I’d also like to know. I can only guess that he was formed from some sort of science experiment, which is the reason for his lack of bellybutton. He gets adopted by a family or something and tries to be a normal boy, but his past keeps coming up to catch up with him and his bellybuttonless past.


And yet, for some reason, I don’t really remember any of that. I only, singularly, remember his bellybutton (or lack thereof) and it haunts me to this day. I’ve spoken with a few colleagues and they have also shared similar recollections, yet none of us can remember ever actually watching the show. I look it up online and it’s obvious it was actually created, but I can’t help but feel like one day someone is going to whisper ‘Kyle Xy’ in my ear and I’ll become activated like some kind of sleeper agent.


The moment I first saw Kyle XY will forever float above me like so many other odd and bizarre memories. And for that I am perfectly content. It could be much worse.


As for the larger cultural impact of his bellybuttonless existence, I can’t speak for certain. I just find it a fun and silly thing to reflect on when life gets tough, you know? So if I can share that little impact of my own culture and it makes your life better, I think the whole show was worth it.


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