If a Bird Told You a Secret, Would You Believe it?


Every once in awhile, life presents you with a question that completely changes the way you view the world. How these questions come to us is something only scholars understand, the rest of us normies shouldn’t even try, but they come regardless and we are weak to try and stop them. Some might say that these questions are the universe prodding our curiosity. Others believe it is the devil tempting us with his candy covered tongue. No matter what you believe, you can’t deny that these questions find you when you need them most. Today, we’re asking a question we came across in our travels that we want to share with the world. If a bird told you a secret, would you believe it?


If your first question is “What type of bird?” You have already failed the test.


If your next question is “What is the secret this bird is whispering in my ear?” You have also failed the test.


This is not a question to reflect upon and decide the right answer. You already know in your gut whether it is a yes or no. You are either among those who believe the world is full of secrets worth learning or you aren’t. It doesn’t say anything about you or your character, it just shows that you might have more preconceived biases than you originally thought.


For those of us who would listen and believe the bird implicitly, be careful to assume that you are correct. We don’t know what secrets the birds hold. They could lead us to great fortune, yes, but they could completely ruin us as well. Literally no one knows.


This, ultimately, is what makes this question so fascinating. Are you willing to give yourself over to a complete unknown? Or are you going to reject the unknown before it can dig its claws into you? Again, there’s no right or wrong answer. There is simply a choice.


I know where I stand, but do you?


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