Area Man has Much Different Experience After Being Visited by Single Blue Angel


(New Orleans, LA) If you haven’t heard, over the last few weeks there have been a number of flyovers performed by The Blue Angels in order to honor and support health care workers across various U.S. cities. With many cities already having been visited, people across social media have been sharing videos of flyovers and marveling at the power of the Air Force. However, one area New Orleans resident had a much different experience last week when he was visited by a single blue angel, not related to the Air Force at all.


In order to find out more about this harrowing visit, we asked for an interview with the man who was visited by this celestial force to find out why this happened and what it might mean for the future of our world.


Our subject, Gianni Jacobs, began by telling us what happened. “It all started when I sat down to watch my favorite TV show in the world, Kevin Can Wait. Just as the opening credits were about to roll, an intense blue light began to shine through my window directly into my eyes. Blinded, I tried to shield my face, but it was like the light had multiple sources. I didn’t know what to do, so I simply asked the light, ‘What do you want!?’ That was when I saw them.”


“Saw who?”


“I don’t know. They were a swirling vortex of light and energy. They emerged from the blue light and told me not to be afraid.” At this point Gianni’s eyes began to glaze over, as if he couldn’t see what was in front of him, only the memory running through his mind. “But how could I not be afraid? The being that stepped through my door demanded to be feared, to be the source of terror.”


“What was it? Who were they?”


“They didn’t tell me much, only that their name was K̸̡̧̧̯͕͖͖̙̦̖͙͓̰̠͜͠ẽ̵̗̫̄̾̌͋́v̵̡͕̏̋̃̈́͗́̉̃͒͗̇͘i̴̫̜͊͒̾̂͆̆̓͆̽́͆̋̃̍͘n̶̡̤̻̯͙͔̯͉͉̊ and that I was lucky to have been visited by a benevolent being rather than one with ulterior motives. All the same, his spinning eyes and glowing coils made me feel like a lost and broken soul in need of saving. But maybe that was the point.”


“What will you do now?”


“What will any of us do?” Gianni replied. “I don’t think we understand even a sliver of our universe, so how can we pretend like we are prepared to face the unknown? The unknown is far more vast and deep than any of us can comprehend. And the more we understand, the further we are lost. I don’t have a plan for what comes next, all I can tell you is that I am afraid, despite what the angel told me.”


“So you think it was an angel?”


“I hope it was an angel. Otherwise, we’re in a lot more trouble than I thought.”


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