Lana Del Rey’s ‘Summertime Sadness’ Predicted to Dominate the Charts for the Foreseeable Future


Every summer, artists across the globe work incredibly hard to release music for the summer that fits the mood of the season, hoping that they will earn the coveted title of ‘Song of the Summer.’ As we know, MGMT has secured this title without much competition for the last 11 summers, but early predictions show that Electric Feel might finally be overtaken in the next few months as we find ourselves entering summer still reeling from the global pandemic. And what is predicted to take its place? Well, Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey of course. In fact, music scientists are predicting that this 2011 hit song might dominate the charts for the foreseeable future.


We gathered a panel of music experts to hear more from them about what this means for the industry, our society, and most importantly, our upcoming summer.


“There is something about Summertime Sadness as a song that makes you feel like you’ve known it forever. I mean, surely Lana Del Rey wasn’t the first person to share the sentiment of feeling sad during the summer months, but she was the first person to coin the phrase and start the movement. Even if she falls off the charts again after the summer is over, you can be damned sure she’ll be back next year.” Art Bronson, Pitchfork.


“No one does it like Lana and the fact that this song is still relevant proves my theory that she is a vampire. Or, you know, just has a good skincare regimen, but that’s not as interesting. Song slaps tho.” Jenn Phillips, Music Today.


“I love the song, there is no doubt about that, but am I the only one concerned for the millions of streams this brings in every year during the summer? What does it say about us that the summers are so sad and depressing? Someone else answer this, I’m too busy.” Nicki Minaj, professional wrestler.


“I told her to call it ‘springtime downfeels,’ but she never listens to me.” Marina Diamandis, part-time sheep herder.


“This is an artist at the peak of their craft. I don’t think we will ever be able to look at summer the same way. I think this is going to start a whole new wave of seasonal music that becomes as big as Christmas music. Del Rey is our very own Michael Buble when it comes to summertime tunes, I say we let her run with it.” Jo Hamish, Vlog.Blog.


“I just hope she finally gains the followers she needs to do something truly horrifying.” Unknown.


So yeah, enjoy the summer of sadness! And stay inside while you vibe.


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