Email File Attachment Reminder Named Best Tech Invention of the Last Decade

Over the last ten years, there have been some incredible inventions that have moved our technologies forward and given each of us a better life. Some big, some small, some good, and some bad. However, we have been reviewing all of these inventions over the last few weeks in search for the one defining piece of technology that has improved our lives, made our experiences better, and shown how technology can be best utilized when made free. We are, of course, referring to the email file attachment reminder pop up, the most significant technological advancement of the last decade.

For those who haven’t used email in the last ten years, first of all, how? But secondly, no really, how did you do that? We’re impressed. Sorry for the distraction. Basically, before this invention, people used to send each other lots of emails with phrases like ‘in the attached document’ or ‘as you can see in the attachment,’ but would then forget to actually attach anything.

This would lead to even more follow-up emails with sentences like ‘My apologies,’ ‘Sorry about that,’ and ‘Please forgive me for my sins.’ It was horrible and every email exchange had twice as many emails as necessary.

But then, when the email file attachment reminder pop-up was released, all of our problems were solved. Everything changed overnight. There were less emails every day, people had more time for joy and laughter. It was wonderful, brilliant, and for a couple of years there, we were living in a Utopia.

Then Slack happened and it all went downhill from there. They took it too far and now they have reminders for everything from Google Drive to Netflix for installing plugins, its horrible. All I need is the attachment reminder, thank you very much. I’m a one pop-up at a time kind of girl.

So next time you are emailing a friend that hilarious video you downloaded off the dark web, remember that if it wasn’t for some brilliant technician eight years ago that you have to thank for making sure the attachment gets there. Without them, who knows where we would be as a society. Actually, considering where society is at right now, maybe it would have been better. Who knows.

All I know is that if that reminder ever became sentient, I would marry it. Is that weird to say? Oh god. Now this whole article is in jeopardy because you can’t count on me as a reliable judge. OK, I take it back. But we would at the very least be close good friends, know that.


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