Friends Take Break from Completing Tasks All Day at Work to Complete Tasks in D&D

Welcome to the middle of the week! You’ve made it exactly halfway through another five days of capitalism followed by two days of dealer’s choice, way to go! Per usual, you’re likely no doubt exhausted from the mental load that work takes. I mean, completing task after task can be depleting, right? Well, if you are like one group of friends that meets up every Wednesday, you might know that there is a solution to feeling so worn down by the daily milieu of it all. And that solution is D&D or truly any other game that allows you to escape somewhere far away and complete new tasks in a more exciting way.

We caught up with each member of the D&D group to get their thoughts on why they find completing tasks under different circumstances to be rewarding, while completing tasks under another circumstance is a horrible thing.

“It’s really quite simple,” dungeon master and botanist Flem Crimming told us. “I want to do one and I don’t want to do the other.”

“Oh don’t listen to Flem, he just loves his job as DM so much he can’t see there’s more to life. For instance, as a wedding planner, I can still enjoy my daily tasks and my life as a level 5 paladin,” player and feminist Jo Bannon told us. “I see no reason to separate the two.”

“Tasks are the same,” explained another player known only to the party as ‘Bossboy.’ “Whether it is in the campaign or at the chop shop, my brain sees them the same way. I must complete tasks or I will die, there’s no other way to say it.”

“I’m now obsessed with turning my daytime tasks into D&D equivalents so that I can more easily work on them during work hours,” Stacy Gibbons, goblin warlock explained. “It helps me work more efficiently and I love telling people over Slack that I just had a crit fail to see what they think that means.”

“Oh it’s all just a bunch of the same mess,” our last interviewer told us, who also happened to have the most D&D experience of the bunch. “The sooner you realize that life is nothing but completing tasks, the sooner you can let go and live your damn life. You heard it here first, folks.”

Either way, it sounds like a nice way to spend a Wednesday night to me.


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