Are You the Worm from Dune? Because You’ve Stolen My Heart

In preparation for the upcoming Denis Villeneuve epic, Dune, due out whenever movie theaters come back, so likely 2025, I have been exploring the deep lore of the Dune universe and having quite a fun time with it. And yet, despite the depths of the material, there is nothing I quite love more than the big ol’ worms that take center stage in both the books and the film adaptions. I mean, who doesn’t love a good worm, right? I know I do. But it wasn’t until I read a bizarre off-shoot novel that I realized how canon my own experiences with the worms actually was. They stole my heart just like they did in Sandworms of Dune.

You see, in these novels and inspiring fanfictions, which I of course had to read, the worms are eaters of the planet hearts. Didn’t think planets had hearts? Well, you’re a fool. Cores, hearts, souls, all the same thing. Just ask any doctor.

But I’m already getting distracted, I’m already losing my train of thought, despite the fact that I literally have had stolen heart by these behemoths. For those of you who can’t imagine falling deeply in love with a 400 diameter worm with a gaping maw, let me lay down some facts about our good friends for you so you can wrap your head around this.

First of all, huge. That’s in right now. I mean, it’s been in for awhile, but himbos are definitely a thing. I mean, who doesn’t want to be lifted like a couch on moving day? And those worms can take you places, just ask Paul Atreides.

Second of all, they love spice. This, again, is canon and makes them fantastic partners, as they make wonderful chefs. I once had the most delicious meal prepared for me by a former worm friend of mine. It was a delightful evening full of pasta, bread, and laughter. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard a sandworm laugh but it’s something to behold. It’s also horrifying.

Thirdfully, they are simultaneously all knowing and yet completely unknowable to us. They are maker, creator, and birther. They are the bringers of the world.

Lastly, great huggers. Sometimes a little bit too much for me, but can you blame them for caring to much?

So next time you need to impress someone with how romantic and charming you are, think of the worms. Or the next time you need to feel warm on a cold afternoon, think of the worms. Any time life gets you down, think of the worms.


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