BREAKING: Take a Pause, Sit Down, & Enjoy Some Soup

Hey – you there. Yes, you. Sit down for a second. Are you doing OK? Here, have some soup – it’s homemade. We had to get this message to you as soon as possible, but you need to pause and rest for a minute. Humans need time to recharge and you aren’t doing yourself any favors by charging ahead with no sign of stopping. So, take this as a sign and an opportunity to ease off of the gas pedal and stretch out the minutes for once. There’s only so much time ahead of you and the only way to get some of it back is to spend as much time as possible doing whatever the hell you want.

So, again, take a pause, sit down, eat some soup, and enjoy the show.

You are walking through a windswept glade. You see hawks falling from the trees, catching the air and soaring across the plain. You have never heard the words Facebook, Google, or Elon Musk in your life and you are happy.

The next day, you find yourself walking through a vineyard that is full of grapes. Each of the grapes will come to life in a fun Disney way and not a spooky, horror film way to sing you songs and guide you through the leaves. Eventually, you will emerge to overlook a crystal blue lake that reflects the sky, both so pure that you can’t see where one ends and the other begins. Soon, it feels like you are floating between these spaces and you feel incredibly at peace.

The following morning, you wake up to find yourself in a raft in the middle of the ocean. Despite the fact that this looks exactly like several nightmares you have had before, you will not panic. You will instead look around you and see that you are surrounded by all manner of sea creatures. And the best part? They all seem very interested in you. You spend the rest of the day introducing yourself to these creatures and take time to make each of them feel welcome and loved.

You wake up and this time it’s a Monday morning, the beginning of a work week. You have a lot on your plate, but you feel rested and ready to take on a challenge. You sharpen your pencils, print your paper, and sit down to begin your work. Just before putting pen to paper, you stop to pinch yourself, making sure this is real.

It’s real, but now it’s at least bearable. You realize that all you needed was a break. You start your week the way you always knew you could, but never took the time to ensure that you would. You light the place on fire and walk away, never to return.

“Ah, bliss.”


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