Scientists Discover Vague Personality Trait That You Possess is Sign of Unlimited Intelligence

Are you ready for this? Please, take a seat before you read further. Trust us, this is a doozy. So, you know that vague personality trait that you possess? The one you don’t tell people about, that you keep to yourself and only show to those closest to you? Well, it turns out that that exact personality trait is a sign of untapped, almost unlimited intelligence. Yes, that is right. And only you! All of those other schmos are just surviving with their normie personality traits, while you get to live above the rest of us. Congrats, from all of us.

So, now that you have confirmation that you are smarter than the rest of us, what are you going to do about it? Serious question. I mean, you had an inkling this whole time that you were better, right? I think we all do. But to have this new report confirm it, well, it’s about time, right?

Because it seems like someone with all of that intellect floating around in their big brain would have a plan for how they were going – I don’t know – make the world a better place or something. That’s what our intelligent people should be doing, right?

But is that your immediate instinct? No, of course not. You haven’t thought about another person since you started reading this article. That’s OK, that’s perfectly fine. Don’t you worry. its perfectly natural. That’s how we all work.

The whole reason we are writing this is to encourage you to move on from that initial thought and improve yourself, do better. Follow the voice in your head that you never listen to and don’t mess things up for once.

Our goal in life should not be to lord our intelligence over each other, but to bring our intelligence together for the greater good. Am I crazy for saying this? Why? Because someone told you it’s ‘wrong’ or ‘communist.’ Can you not think further than that?

So, have fun with your super intelligence or whatever, but call me when you’re interested in something called empathy. Oh, and your personality trait? Yeah, we all talk about it behind your back.


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