I Sold the World to Give Her the Void, But She Had Already Given Herself to the Void in Order to Save the World

Oh the humanity, oh the irony. But I guess that’s what you come to expect when you live in a world like ours. Let me tell you about the love of my life. She is someone I have known for a long time, but we didn’t realize we liked each other for the longest time. Once we got together, it was like magic and we knew what we wanted. As the months passed on, we both knew that we wanted to take the next step. For weeks, we were spending all of our time working on this project for each other. And yet, in the end, it was all for not.

You see, I had sold the world to give the void, but she had already given herself to the void in order to save the world. The two things we wanted to give each other nullified like a couple Gift of the Magi fools. Oh cruel fate, damn you!

Let me tell you her side first. You see, she knew for a long time that I was concerned with the world coming to an end. Every night I would lose sleep wondering whether that night would be my last on Earth. She knew this about me. Which is why she went looking for the void, offering them a deal.

Only, the void wouldn’t be satisfied with some trinket of a gift, they would only be satiated with her. But she knew what saving the world would mean to me, so she gave herself to the void. Now I look into her once beautiful brown eyes only to see the darkness staring back at me.

Whereas on my side of things, I now realize the void was toying with me. It wasn’t ever interested in the world I was selling, because they knew they had an ace their pocket. How could I give the void to her if she already had it? I was the one who sold the world, and for what? My love had already given herself over to that which I meant to give her.

Our lives now are different as we stumble along the path before us, but we’ll be alright in the end. Or at least, most of us will. I’m not sure she will ever be the same. She’ll still be mine, but she’ll also be a home for the void, something I never thought I’d have to live with, but here we are.

Here we are in this brave new world, one that is saved, whatever the hell that means.


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