I Rewrote The Supernatural Finale So You Don’t Have To

Let’s get this out at the get go – I love Supernatural. I got turned onto it my freshman year of college and I’ve gone through the ups and downs (looking at you, Season Of The Dick Jokes). 

And I haven’t seen the finale yet – it’s not on the All4 Player at the moment, so I’ll have to wait – but I do have access to Tumblr, our sweet hovel.

So without further ado

The Supernatural Finale

(Intro: Carry On, Wayward Son plays. We get lots of flashbacks of the best parts of the series. It is emotional. Dean get scared by a cat.)

Scene: The university campus. You know, the one Sam was at all those long, long years ago. Sam and Dean are there. So is Chuck/God. And Eileen (A/N Y’ALL THANK GOODNESS THEY BROUGHT THIS LITTLE BUTTON BACK I LOVE EILEEN)

Chuck/God: So I think I have some apologies to make. I should’ve just stuck to writing fanfiction of your lives, and going to conventions. 

Sam: Uh *huff* Ya think?

Dean: *scowls, goes to deck Chuck/God, but is held back by Eileen, who gives him a look, which he respects because she’s right, as per usual*

Chuck/God: But I’m not the only one who’s acted like an assbutt here
Cast minus Dean: *Turns to glare at Dean, who has a mouth full of pie. We don’t know where it came from, but it doesn’t really matter*

Dean: What?

Eileen: You were really unfair to Cas.

Dean: Excuse me-

Sam: I mean, dude, he bore his heart 
to you-

Eileen: And then he got FLUNG into a VOID (A/N: this episode also hasn’t been released on All4 here, so again, working from memes)

Dean: Well I-

Bobby’s disembodied voice, from Heaven(?): Idjit.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs: *Gibbs smacks the back of Dean’s head*

Dean: Dude, you’re not even in this univer-

Sam: He’s not wrong. Look, I know that you’ve never been good with voicing your emotions, but don’t you think …?



Dean: Fine FINE FINE. I’ll admit it. I’m super into Cas. I don’t really seem to have a strict preference for any one gender, as has been evidenced in the subtext throughout this series. It’s called bisexuality. Or pansexuality. Or just plain queerness. And I was raised in a very male-dominated, heterosexual culture and as you just said Sammy, I am bad at talking about my feelings so YEAH. I LOVE CAS TOO I GUESS.

Cas: *manifests, miraculously fine and healthy and happy, and very much in love with Dean*

Cas and Dean embrace and then finally, FINALLY kiss. Chuck/God apologizes for being such a jerk to everyone, and vows to right his wrongs, starting with putting Heaven back in order, and getting rid of that dumb rule that souls that were once in Hell can never go to Heaven.

Chuck/God: Our modern concept of Hell in dominant Western Christian culture has, for the most part, been based on Dante’s works which … were fanfiction. 

Cast: Laughs

Chuck/God: *Disappears in a mist, we assume to keep his promise*

Scene: Bunker

The gang – Sam, Eileen, Cas, and Dean – sit around the table, drinking and eating and laughing. Dean stuffs his face with bacon, getting uproarious laughs from Eileen, who is not yet worried about his blood pressure (A/N is it blood pressure or cholesterol that people worry about with bacon?). Sam rolls his eyes, good naturedly, and Cas settles his head comically into Dean’s shoulder.

They don’t have to hunt anymore, because Chuck/God is doing the job they’re supposed to do. 

Everyone gets plenty of therapy and lives happily ever after.

This piece of fanfiction was written by Maggie, who so regrets her 11:11 wish that Destiel would finally go canon. This wish coming true is PROOF of why you need to be careful what you wish for.


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