Meet the Bay Area Man Charging Thousands to Join His Hive Mind

Have you ever wanted to instantaneously grow your knowledge tenfold? Have you ever wanted to be part of a historic moment? Have you ever thought to yourself late at night that the most important thing you can do as a human is just live the fullest possible life? Well, then you might be interested in this new Bay Area start-up where founder and soul coach David Grindstone is promising potential clients access to his hive mind for the low cost of a few grand. And according to their website – – all of these things are possible by joining their program. Do you want to grow your knowledge, be a part of a historic moment, and live your fullest life? All you have to do is sign an NDA and join the Hive.

We sat down over Zoom with founder David Grindstone to dig deeper into what exactly this means for the future and for his company. He only had 15 minutes for us in between other meetings, but we only needed three to really understand him.

Eritas Daily interviewer: So, Mr. Grindstone, thank you for joining us. We know you’re a busy guy.

David Grindstone: Yeah well, someone’s gotta eat the beans if you know what I mean. What’s all this about again? I mean I’m always down to talk about the Hive, but give me some context here.

EDI: Of course. We just wanted to learn more about your goals, pricing structure, and basically why you are doing this. Our readers want to know the truth about these things.

DG: Well here it is then, I like a straight shooter. I had this idea years ago when I was on a soul finding journey with some coaching partners in the Himalayas. It’s only when I am surrounded by intense natural beauty that I can think as freely as is necessary for me to break barriers with my ideas. It was there that I had the idea for Hivemind. I thought, ‘If people could think as dopely as me, the world would be better for it. Oh wait, if they could just listen to me have these sick thoughts, it would cut down on the time it takes to get my ideas out into the world.’ Then, all I had to do was force my staff to work extreme hours to build the tech and the rest was history.

EDI: Wow, inspiring. But what is the goal of it? And how much does it cost to sign on?

DG: Great questions, again. I love this. I do have to go in less than 60 seconds, but I’ll throw these at you. The goal of it is nebulous, it exists at a point in time we haven’t conceived of yet. This is why we feel comfortable charging 10k for a starting bid, considering we don’t even know what ‘it’ is. That said, with our initial tests, we believe that revolutionary breakthroughs are always just minutes away.

EDI: We have so many follow-up questions.

DG: Sorry, not today. I have to get back in there.

And like that, he disappeared into a swarm of interns and the Zoom call was promptly ended. Seems he is playing it pretty close to the chest here, but at least we learned the price. We are going to raise the funds to join this program and report on this further, so stay tuned.


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