5 Secrets Hidden Within the Memphis Pyramid

(Memphis, TN) One of the best things about the United States is the sheer size of the country (tied with Canada for 2nd largest) and all the bizarre attractions contained in the 3.8 million square miles that most citizens have never seen, much less heard of. Today, we will be taking a closer look at one of these attractions, one that many know simply as ‘The Memphis Pyramid.’ Currently owned and operated by Bass Pro Shop, it is the 10th tallest pyramid in the world and can be found right in the middle of America. While some have seen this from the highway while passing through town and others have actually visited, most Americans live in blissful ignorance of its existence. Turns out this might be intentional.

In this article, not only are we going to bring your attention to this monument to capitalism and American freedom, but we are going to reveal 5 secrets hidden within. Each of these secrets are well guarded and we risk a lot bringing them to you, but we believe that Americans need to know what is kept within the slanted walls of this enormous Tomb of Doom along the Mississippi.

Secret #1: The site was originally built to house VIPs in case of a nuclear war.

According to records dug up by members of our research team, when the original pyramid was proposed in 1989 it was meant to double as a safe house for VIPs in case of nuclear war, along with functioning as an entertainment venue. While there is no mention of this after the initial building documents were submitted, dozens of paragraphs from later documents are redacted, leading many to believe that there is some sort of underground bunker still waiting to be used.

We asked a member of the staff about this, to which they replied, “If a nuke goes off, I could think of worse places to be.”

Secret #2: Basement control was ceded to gators in 2006.

While doing some digging on a potential bunker below the pyramid, we found another interesting secret about the complex. Apparently, since 2006 the Bass Pro Shop corporation has ceded control of the basement level of the facility. Not only that, but the current inhabitants are primarily alligators from down the Mississippi that have made a home for themselves in the deep tunnels under the main building.

When we reached them for comment, we were told these claims were ‘preposterous’ and ‘couldn’t be further from the truth.’ However, when we tried to breach our way into the basements to find out for ourselves, we were remove from the property and issued a restraining order. Seems suspicious, huh? We sure think so too.

Secret #3. There is a crystal skull welded into the apex of the pyramid.

Although this might sound like the beginning of a National Treasure film, this is actually 100% true. In 1991 during the construction of the pyramid, a group of individuals in black cloaks made their way onto the construction site where they disappeared for several hours. On their way in, they were seen carrying a wooden box that had a certain glow to it.

Curious about what the wooden box contained, a team was sent to find where they placed it. After searching high and low, they found the box at the apex of the pyramid. Below is a report of what they found:

“When it was opened, there was a wooden box inside the metal box and a black velvet box inside the wooden box. Inside the velvet box was a crystal skull about the size of a man’s fist, with sunken eyes, a sunken nose, and elongated teeth.”

It is still unknown as to what this crystal skull is for and what it might represent, but it is pretty clear that there is some sort of curse on this place and only by keeping the skull where it is will we be able to prevent whatever future tragedy is waiting for us.

Secret #4: The fries they serve at the Feeding Trough are actually pretty good

We’re honestly not sure why they are trying to keep this one a secret, considering how good those fries are, but that’s their business. We’ll tell you straight up – those fries are damn good.

Secret #5: There is a room in the hotel that no one has ever seen the inside of.

Finally, the last secret we will share about the Memphis Pyramid is a newer addition, having only come to be after the Bass Pro Shop redevelopment which included the construction of a hotel, the Big Cypress Lodge. In this hotel is a room, room 2301 to be exact, which no one has ever seen the inside of.

According to construction documents, the builders were highly superstitious throughout the redevelopment process. So paranoid, in fact, that they decided to build room 2301 as a sacrifice to the Pyramid, never looking inside and guiding a select few blind workers to finish the room. We were able to find one of those blind workmen to tell us more about why the did it:

“You know how some people don’t have a 13th floor? Well we added an extra room, hoping it would prevent any future curses from taking root in the Pyramid. And if they did, they would hopefully end up in this room where they can’t bother anyone. At least, that was the idea, I don’t know if it actually worked out that way.”

Keep in mind, this happened over 10 years ago and still no one has entered. For all we know, the room is doing exactly what it was designed for.


Remember, we went through a lot to get you this information and likely have a target painted on our backs now, so use what you have learned here today wisely. And if you can, get to the pyramid before it is too late.


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