Just When the World Needed Them Most, The JabbaWockeeZ Disappeared

Where did they come from? Where did they go? The world may never know. Hi, and welcome to today’s cultural exploration of the dance crew popularly know as the JabbaWockeeZ. Originally made famous on America’s Best Dance Crew, the JabbaWockeeZ were huge both in the states and internationally. And while they are still listed as ‘active,’ no one has actually seen them in years, with public performances dwindling. So where did they go? And if they were still around, wouldn’t they be exactly who we need right now?

Formed under the idea of community and equality, the JabbaWockeeZ do not have a leader and make all decisions as a unit. They have no hierarchy, they have no ego, they simply do what is best for the collective. Pretty wild, right? If only we could take the same approach to other things in the way that they do.

Since we realized that this group of extraordinary talents would be perfect for a time like the one we are in right now, we went searching for them in the last place they were seen: Las Vegas. After a small stint at the MGM Casino, it was reported that the JabbaWockeeZ all grabbed their masks and walked directly into the desert. This was back in 2016 and they haven’t been seen since then by anyone that is not part of their posse.

We went to the exact spot where they entered the sands and, obviously, were not able to find their tracks. But, we didn’t let that stop us and we went straight into the desert from where we started. We walked for days and days, to the point where we thought that the desert sands would never cease moving beneath our feet, until finally we found them.

They had begun their own community completely off the grid and without the need for water or sustenance. They lived simple lives, dancing whenever they feel like it, and otherwise simply enjoying each other’s company. It was intoxicating, but we could feel that we had disturbed something that we weren’t supposed to see.

After taking it in from a distance, never actually announcing our presence, we retreated again into the desert to find our way home. It’s unclear whether we would ever be able to find that place again after it left our eyesight or if we were only able to glimpse it because we were allowed, but all we know is that as long as they live there, one small part of the world will know peace.

And some days, that’s all you need.


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