The Mainstream Media Came Into My Home & Destroyed My Beautiful Fabrics

(Columbus, OH) I am enraged. I am angry, I am mad, and I need to tell my story in order to feel some sort of vindication or I might explode. Believe me, I am not an angry man. Rage doesn’t come naturally to me the way it does other men. But this has gone on long enough and today, I reached my limit. Not only was my privacy invaded, but something precious of mine was desecrated. And who is to blame? Who is ALWAYS to blame? The MSM of course. The Main-Stream-Media baby. They were the ones who came into my home and destroyed my beautiful fabrics. It is for this violation that I will seek vengeance and for which they will pay their debt.

Here’s some more facts for you: the MSM lies. They lie all day and all night. Ever since the invention of the 24 hour news cycle, the lies have been piling up. And now, they are going beyond simply being the messenger of deceit, they are seeking destruction and sewing the seeds of ill will. I won’t be silent any longer.

Next fact: those were expensive fabrics. I am not upset purely from an emotional standpoint, although I did love those fabrics. However, they also happen to be worth a decent chunk of change and I will be suing for the full payment for damaged property. I have spoken with lawyers from the Main Stream Media and they seem confident in their chances. I believe that they underestimate the power of the people.

This does bring us to something of an awkward issue for me. The lawyers I chose to defend me are not cheap, but they assure me that with enough legal fees, we can take this thing all the way up. I’m not sure exactly what that means, as I would just like repayment for me dear fabrics, but they got me really excited and I agreed to a lot of things so we’ll see what happens.

Regardless, I need money. Ugh I said I would never be this person, but I will be accepting all major credit cards, Venmo, Bitcoin, and Pillsnop as payment for those of you who feel led to help a patriot out. Together, we can destroy the MSM and I can finally get more secure storage for my fabrics. My wives have been nagging me for months to do that and they were right.

If only I had listened to them and not the Main-Stream-Media, this whole thing would have been avoided.


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