Joe Biden Kisses a Baby & Calls it a Day

(Washington, D.C.) In the first 100 days of Joe Biden’s presidency, most of his work has been focused on combatting Covid-19 and turning around the sinking ship that was the Trump administration. However, now that the vaccine rollout has hit its benchmarks and other projects are well underway, Biden has expressed to advisors that he is looking to have a lighter schedule for the next few weeks, not wanting to burn himself out on all the good things he’s been doing. Today, in one of Biden’s first public appearances as President, he took the opportunity to simply kiss a baby and call it a day.

Here are the various reactions we have seen to this seemingly innocuous outing.

First, of course, is Fox News with their critical and well-thought-out response. “Today, President Biden took time away from working for our country to kiss a baby. Whose baby was it? That’s right, it was AOC’s niece. AOC is not only trying to turn out country into a socialist utopia, but she won’t rest until the Biden blessing has been bestowed upon her family. If we don’t stop her soon, she will worm her way to the Presidency and spread her baby kisses far and wide, confusing a generation of children by having them believe they can do anything they set their mind to. Personally, that’s not the country I want to live in.”

Beneath the talking head, this chyron was displayed – Is AOC Draining Biden’s Life Force? Tucker’s Reaction.

Meanwhile, CNN was doing their best to spin the story positively, running the following chyron – Joe Biden Reminds Us that Presidents Kiss Babies – followed by a panel of 4 republicans and 4 democrats to argue over whether or not Trump kissed any babies while in office. Some choice excerpts include “I saw him kiss a thousand babies, you just weren’t there!” from Lindsey Graham and “This is good for the stock market” from Anderson Cooper.

Not to be outdone by their more news-focused counterpart, OAN ran the following story alongside the same image of Biden we used for this story. Biden Says He Loves Babies, So Why Does He Kill Millions? We would tell you more about the content of the piece, but we are not permitted to express those views here at Eritas Daily because we don’t want to.

Finally, rounding out the news hour, BBC ran the following story – 28 Children Dead from Latest Israeli Airstrike.


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