Millennial Couple Sets Aside Money Each Month in Order to Afford a House Tattoo

(Omaha, NE) Although it might be hard to believe, we have finally reached the age where all Millennials are adults. While this might be hard to comprehend given the amount of articles talking down to this generation, it’s now possible for anyone under that umbrella to do everything from buy liquor to run for Congress. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Millennials are looking to buy homes in the cities that they live. However, due to inflated housing prices and stagnant wages, the dream of home ownership is not being passed down to future generations, leaving some to abandon the idea entirely. We caught up with a Millennial couple right here in Omaha to hear about their experience saving money.

“It was definitely tough at first to cut out unnecessary expenses,” Debra Ness told us, sitting next to her partner Fern. “But once we got rid of the daily expenses of buying avocado toast and cold brew, it became easier to see light at the end of the tunnel.”

We had come to meet Debra and Fern in their current living situation, a LGBTQ+ housing co-op in the Harvey Oaks area. As we entered, we were greeted by a whirlwind of smells, sights, and pets, mixing into the typical funk you would associate with any sort of communal living space. It was clear that the couple were looking to find their own space after living with upwards of ten roommates at a time.

“I think the time has come for us to do something just for us, you know?” Fern continued, glancing over at Debra. “But then we looked at the prices and we knew something had to change in order for us to afford it. I mean, a couple of years ago, we could have gotten something about the same size for way less. I guess that just goes to show that it’s a hot market and prices are only going up.”

“Thankfully, my job as a UX designer and Fern’s job as a high school teacher means we have slightly more disposable income than our friends and really in the end it just came down to good money management. Now, we’re hoping to have enough next month to at least put in a down payment.”

You could tell they were both excited as their eyes lit up at the possibility. We asked them where they were looking and only then did we realize we were talking about very different things.

“We’ve worked with a friend over at Skullcorpse on the East Side before, but a friend told us that Premium Ink is the best shop,” Fern replied. “Personally, I’ve had a bad experience with heavy handed artists, so I’m hoping we can find someone with a lighter touch. I’m excited to add to my sleeve.”

Artist? Sleeve? We could see that Fern had a collection of tattoos on their right arm, but we weren’t sure what this had to do with purchasing a home. When we asked if they had had any trouble with getting a loan from the bank, it finally clicked.

“Wait, are you talking about an actually home? Like to live in?”

“Yes of course. This was meant for a piece on the Millennial housing market. What are you talking about?”

“We’ve been saving up for new matching house tattoos. You really think we can afford a house with a few cut-backs?”

With this, both Fern and Debra held their heads back and began to laugh heartily. We tried to ask follow-up questions, but that only made it worse. As we left the co-op, all we could hear was the sound of their laughter, growing louder and larger as more Millennials joined in, having been told the story of what happened.

On to the next one, I guess.


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