How to Vanquish the Horrifying Need to be Productive on Weekends

What are weekends for? If you are a normal, sane person, your response is likely something along the lines of ‘rest,’ ‘hang out with friends,’ or ‘spend time in nature.’ However, due to the rise of the internet and the growing popularity of working from home, the lines between work and off-time are blurring more and more every year. Now, unless you spend every moment of your weekend soaking in all that life has to offer, you feel like you wasted your time. Even worse, some people feel drawn to perform actual work on weekends, hoping to gain an advantage on their peers who use the weekend for frivolous activities. But where does that horrifying need come from? And how can we banish it back to hell where it belongs?

Let’s discuss.

A long time ago, someone bought a banana for one dollar and sold it for two. And thus capitalism was born. Ever since then, humans have been trying to find ways to turn their work into a profit and win over on their fellow beings. Now, we have gone from selling bananas to the selling ourselves as the product and the more work you can accomplish, the more valuable your work and, more importantly, your time becomes.

As you are slowly folded into the market like a blueberries into a muffin batter, you will start to see opportunities to make more with less time. First, it’s just ‘a few extra hours on the weekends,’ then ‘maybe just every other Saturday,’ until finally your every waking moment is dedicated to the Almighty Dollar. You pick up extra hours or freelance jobs until you no longer can see any distinction between your work and your self.

Congratulations – you’ve made it! You accomplished The Goal. What happens next?

That decision is up to you. You will realize that giving yourself to Capital is a lot easier than you thought, it just requires abandoning yourself and forgoing a life outside of the marketplace. Or, you might realize that escaping is meaningless without the complete destruction of the system.

Moving forward, this decision will guide your behavior. You will either become part of the machine or dedicate yourself to throwing a wrench into the gears. And each day you make this decision again and again until you eventually break something or become broken.

I guess it just comes down to one question – what are you doing this weekend?


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