Austin-Based HGTV Show Ends with Couple Deciding to Move to a More Affordable City

Hello and welcome back to Austin’s number #1 home-buying show, 100 Over Asking. I’m your host, Bart Onsprings, and today we have a wonderful show for you. Our couple today is Julie Chee and Dev Bashi. Both of them are former University of Texas grads and while Dev is still working on his building his juice company, Julie is head of regional sales with Oracle. The two of them have been together going on 5 years and have decided that now is the time for them to finally take the next step in their relationship and purchase a home together. Let’s see what they end up with on today’s episode!

As a real estate agent here in Austin, I hear a wide variety of requests and specifics when it comes to client requirements, such as ‘must have a pool,’ ‘within city limits,’ or ‘ghosts optional.’ And almost every single time I am able to find the right home for my clients.

When I asked Dev and Julie what their requirements were, they simply said ‘Anything within our budget,’ so I took that info and went searching.

The first place I showed them was in North North Campus, also known as The Domain. It was a 1-bedroom, 1/2 bath condo with no windows and only one exterior entrance. The front opened up to the back of a Thai restaurant and the only outdoor space doubled as part of a yoga studio on weekends. Although not ideal, it was within their price range and only cost a meager $240,000. I told them I thought we could get it for 300k, but that I wanted them to see the other two locations first before making a decision.

“It has character,” was all that Dev had to say.

“I could get used to it, on a long enough timeline,” remarked Julie.

The second listing I showed them was on the other side of town in what some call the ‘Buda’ neighborhood. The couple was excited about this one, because it was the only single family home on the list. Only, when we arrived, we couldn’t find the house. There was a lot the perfect size for a home and there were two other houses on either side of the lot, so it would make more sense for their to be a house than not, but as long as we looked, we found nothing. I told them the lot was listed for $350,000 if they were interested, but didn’t want to get my hopes up as we heard to potential home three.

“Never been one for camping,” said Julie.

“It reminds me of my childhood home. Every day, I would walk home with my friend Sati who lived next door. When we got to my house, I would walk up to the door to invite him in. And each time, he said ‘But there’s no house there, Dev.’ I never knew what he meant.”

Listing three was my personal favorite. Located in east Austin and still inhabited by the original family, this was likely our best chance to find a place. As we approached, some of the people from the house began to form up out front. They stood in the yard, blocking us from entering. I looked to the couple and told them that this was one of the last families in the city that hadn’t sold their home. They had rejected all offers and to them, money was no object. They simple didn’t want to move. “You will have to fight them,” I told them. “You will have to beat them in a hand to hand brawl.” And then I reminded them this was technically within their price range.

“It’s worth considering, at least,” said Dev.

“I’m not crazy about those gutters,” thought Julie.

So, which home did they go with – was it the Domain Condo, the Buda Lot, or the East Side Family Feud?

Oh. Uh, I didn’t realize this was final. Looks like Julie and Dev have decided to move to a more affordable city. Good for them, I guess. After all, not everyone has what it takes for 100 Over Asking.

Until next time.


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