Poll: What Problem Should Elon Musk ‘Solve’ Next?

Over the last 10 years, there has been a handful of names associated with innovation and ‘pushing the world forward,’ but none as highly praised as that of Elon Musk. Between his various companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, and now Neuralink, Musk has had his fingers in enough pies that most people believe he can do just about anything. Now, with the recent announcement that Tesla will be pursuing innovation in the world of AI and robotics, it seems like even Musk himself believes that he can truly do anything he sets his mind to. Which brings us to an important question and poll: what problem should Elon Musk ‘solve’ next?

Your options are:

A. Not enough housing. Housing is growing more and more expensive every day, all across the country. How are we going to solve the problem of affordability and the fact that, as Elon said himself about Austin, there simply aren’t enough houses?

Elon has already pitched ideas about this, even going so far as to live in a ‘tiny home’ himself. However, since he is such an innovative thinker, he understands that the problem is not that we have too few houses, but that we have too many people. And let’s just say he has some creative ideas for reducing the amount of people in the world.

B. Sky isn’t blue enough. While you may not have noticed, especially if you are in the millennial or zoomer generation, is that the sky is not nearly as blue as it once was. Some so-called scientists will tell you this is due to a myriad of factors, such as climate change and lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, but Musk knows the truth.

There are just not enough blue cells in the world. Thankfully, Tesla is already working on a patent that will allow parents to choose the sex of their child and the company is encouraging them to choose boys. ‘As someone who understands gender,’ Musk stated in a press conference. “I know that blue equals boy and pink equals girl. The more boys we have, the more blue, and thus, a return to the skies of yore.”

When asked if the Starlink satellites that Musk has been launching into space might have anything to do with the recent changes in sky color, he simply said ‘no comment.’

C: Trains, but different this time. We already know that Elon Musk invented trains, but what if this time instead of going side to side, they went up and down? This is the newest pursuit from Tesla and The Boring Company as they plan to drill deep into the Earth’s core, allowing people to travel from New York to Tokyo in a matter of minutes.

“This has never been done before,” said the lead engineer on the project. “And while the death rate grows for the workers involved, we all know that the end product will be worth it. At least, I hope. Otherwise this is a massive waste of time.

According to the company website, ‘the Earth is hollow and ripe for the plundering,’ so, there’s that. Meanwhile, in order to get anywhere, you’ll still need drive a car.

D: Government. Finally, the most radical problem that you can choose for Elon to solve is the issue of federal, state, and local government. For too long, these institutions have held back creative and free enterprise. No longer. With Musk’s new ‘SelfGov,’ the world will no longer need prime ministers and presidents.

Although this has been deemed highly secretive, we have learned that SelfGov is something of a mass consciousness where the most popular decision wins out. ‘We have the power to create a true Democracy,’ Musk said in another press conference. ‘With SelfGov, you will always be asked your opinion and be able to vote before any major decisions are made. We’re trying it out right now with Reddit to test for real world situations and so far its been extremely promising.’

What was not mentioned in the conference was that certain users, including Musk himself, will have ‘supervotes’ which count for 10,000 normal votes and can be purchased starting at 100 million dollars a piece.

So, which problem should our great disruptor tackle next? Make sure you’re confident in your answer, as it will be legally binding and dictate the future of our world.


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