Middle Schooler Ruins Bible Study by Telling the Truth


Sources from within the small group at Waterdale Baptist Church have reported that this Sunday’s bible study was completely ruined by a local student admitting his sins and asking for prayers from his peers. “I come to church to hang out with my friends and play games, not look at myself introspectively and find bigger meaning in life,” reported one student.

It seems as though everything had been going fine for the majority of the evening. The worship had been vague enough that the kids didn’t have to think about God too much, with a cover of a pop song as the bait that held their attention through the four songs played. The sermon had been light enough that it could leave the minds of those gathered almost as soon as they got in their family’s Grand Caravan. And the small group discussion had gone just far enough past the surface for the leader to feel he had done a good job and for the students to believe they had found something deeper.

Everything had been fine and normal until the prayer requests. As the pre-teens went around the circle counterclockwise and bared their daily confessions of not praying enough and lying about their bedtime to their parents, Brandon Chambers, age 13, threw the whole situation into the toilet. “I had just admitted my biggest struggle, not reading my bible enough,” confessed 7th grader and lifelong churchgoer Ensley Richards, “when Brandon admitted he struggles with addiction and asked for our support.”

Eye-witnesses claim that the shell-shock from what had happened took almost a full minute to sink in with the group. Small grouper leader and part time barista James Dugan reported that in order to try and salvage the wreckage of a perfectly good Sunday evening, he did what any good volunteer would do in his situation and called for each of the students to silently pray for the sins brought forth that evening.  “What else could I have done? You know,” James told Eritas, “When something like that happens you just move on as quickly as possible. I mean, I struggle with addiction too, but am I going to tell my peers about that? No way. That’s the kind of think you lock deep down inside and try your best to never think about.”

James, wiping down his Toyota Prius with a hand towel, went into more detail, explaining, “Listen, we get these kids ever so often. They come, they open up, and they get marginalized by their peers who have the same struggles but prefer to use the new kid as a lightning rod for their own insecurities. He’ll either stick around, having learned his lesson about speaking up, or move on to another church to repeat the same mistakes. Either way, I wish the kid luck.”

The church and Brandon have denied giving a comment.


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