Austin Government Says Police Have to Knock First Before Arresting Birth Control Users

(Austin, TX) Last weekend, Austin residents voted on Proposition A, an initiative to decriminalize marijuana at lower levels and ban no-knock warrants. The proposition was passed by a wide margin and was met with celebration by Austin’s progressive base. After the story of Breonna Taylor, more cities are planning to end no-knock warrants, which had previously allowed police officers to enter a home without knocking or announcing their presence. Unfortunately, this exciting win was overshadowed by news on a state and national level as the Supreme Court announced intentions to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

We spoke with local Austinites to find out what they had to say about these new government initiatives, at both the city and national level, and what it means for them. Here is what they said:

“One or two steps forward, twenty steps back. Classic Texas. Actually, classic this entire country. At this point I am afraid that the only way we will get free healthcare is by simultaneously announcing a Hunger Games style competition between states.” Claire Bonnet, 44.

“Personally, as a man, I don’t really see what the big d -SOUNDS OF A LOUD TRUCK DRIVING BY- which is ultimately why I see myself as more socially conservative, but fiscally liberal.” Greg, 33.

“At least when they come to arrest me for having a miscarriage, they’ll have to announce their presence first. Plenty of time for me to find my gun.” Jesse Stevens, 29.

“I’ve lived in Texas for just under 2 years and I am not really sure why I moved here. Everyone said that Austin was the new San Fran, which is why I sold my plan in the Bay for a spot off Rainey. Not only did I almost get heat stroke at HEB the other day, but I have significantly less rights than I did a year ago. Can margaritas and breakfast tacos really make up for the amount of stress that is causing me? I guess we’ll have to find out.” Dante Jimenez, 39.

“The police state has to knock on the door to my home before entering but can tell me what to do with my own body no matter where it resides? Yeah, sure. You and what army? Oh wait.. right.” Flo Rents, 22.

As journalists, it is our job to present both sides of the story, so here is verbatim what the police chief told me to write about this recent legislation.

“You cannot run, you cannot hide – we, those chosen to protect and serve, will find you. You might think you are safe typing behind your keyboard, but you would be wrong. You might think that Austin is a safe space for you and your kooky little friends, but you would be wrong. We are the eye that sees. We protect the hand that feeds. We are the wall between chaos and calm. You will hear us knocking and you will whimper in fear, for you will understand the error of your ways and that the dark stain of sin from taking birth control will never, ever wash out. That is our promise to you. Be warned.”

Now you get to decide which side you want to be on – fun! Is it the people who want to control their own bodies or the people who also want to control those same people’s bodies for them?

Whisper your response to the next frog you see and your answers will be tallied, documented, and filed away for later use. Thank you for taking this survey.


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